The vastness of night surrounds me now, 
while my soul whispers the name of God, 
Holy One.



You Who foster all life.

I stand at the darkest time of year
having journeyed far and wide.

I've struggled,
with forces greater than I.

The road long, the battles lengthy.

You Who illuminate my being, aid me summon
courage and stubbornness, persistence and hope.

You Who restores all souls.
Embrace me, 
cleanse me,
wash away the impurities of my travel.

Help me emerge, clear and fresh again,
My inner courtyards shining once more,
ready for the sacred ceremonies.

You Who kiss each life awake,
help me find my hidden vessel of sacred oil.

And fill my lamp.

Pour over me Your pure rich golden oil, the first press of olives.
Fill me.
Fill my containers up.

Holy One, 
You Who treasure all Creation.
Aid me re-consecrate myself.

kathy-ch-brtsunsetRenew my life force.
Kindle my flames.

And each night,  
increase my light.

That I might shine. 
In this darkest of nights.

Holy One,
walk with me.
Light my way.


As I light this candle,
so may You kindle my seven inner flames.

And my eighth,
that I may know wholeness.

I rededicate myself this night.

May I walk in the path of Your light.



Photography Credits

Kathy Berendt