Lag B'Omer

The fields lie rich with seeds. Life's emerging, tender, frail. 
Time when our ancestors wandered, newly-freed slaves. Healing time.
So you call upon the name of God,
Shield, aid.


care for me as I walk.
For this journey's fraught with challenge.
The land's rugged, barren. Only thistles thriving.

The process of healing is as challenging as is the land.

Our people though free in body, were shackled in spirit.
This healing time invites the soul's aches to be felt. 


Engraves awareness of the after-effects of slavery.

That we might ever recognize it's subtle encroachments,
and attend
should it reenter our lives.

It is not our native destiny.



protect me as I number my days, cleansing my soul to meet You.
While You, in turn take stock of me.
Waiting for me
to truly be free enough
to join with You.

We count each other,
numbering that which we love and
that with which we struggle.

I yearn for You, yet pull away, not yet ready,
this too, part of my preparation.

vicki-lagbomer-strminisraelI walk, wrestling with that which tries to steal me from life.
Until one morning, as I wake, I find manna on the ground,
token of your care.
And then each morning, there it is again.

I feel Your hand feeding me, holding me, helping me mend.

Until one day, I know my mourning is done.
A time of celebration has arrived,
and into the woods I go.

Exuberantly I raise my bow to the sky,
aiming my arrows upwards.
They fly through the air pointing the way towards the future,
The unknown. Revealing new directions.

The flames of my bonfire at night illuminate
fresh possibilities.

These I celebrate.
For they are as precious as water in the desert,
sent by You to reinvigorate my spirit.
Fortifying me as I make my way,

And I dance,
just beginning to learn the steps.
Just beginning to learn how to dance with You
as my partner.

be with me, dance with me,
safeguard me as I find my way to You.

My Shield,
my aid.


Photography Credits

First and third photograph: Vicki Hollander
Second photograph: Leonid Rozenfeld