Ein Sof... One Whose horizons stretch forward endlessly.


Even the word sits powerfully on the tongue.

And in its wake longing rises as powerfully as the waves.

Each year...each day...
   each moment...each breath...
     You liberate me.
       That I might go to the wild places.

Under sun and through dried mounds of earth
   I move towards that which I don't have in my life.
     Just its dim memory You've etched into my soul.

You guide me...
   away from the whip... from oppression, fear.
     Away from watching my newborns drown,
      away from the land that is too narrow.

alon-pesach-mts-seaI move towards the Sea.
   Towards freedom...
       wide space.

Towards an unseen and promised land.
   Towards the unknown within myself.



Each spring I follow the same route.

How subtle, how eternal, enslavement can be.
   Growing round and round like lush vines,
     choking life beneath.

For that which confines me, that which I know well,
   can feel like an old friend when it's finally time to say goodbye.
And can hold on,



And I need walk away...and leave it behind.
Leave the narrowness, the constrictions,
   which distorts my being,
     imprisons my spirit.

And breathe the night air.
   And watch the blue stars shimmer above.

They say one need travel in wilderness 
   to hear Spirit. 



Mystics go to the desert, drawn,
   like ones who walk to unheard music
     calling out their names.

Anything can happen there. 
   Bushes glow, angels dance, mountains burn with fire,
     the common becomes transformed.

And one emerges...differently.
   Shedding a skin, part of self outgrown.

      And it can feel cold without its comfort,
        for a while.


So be with me.
   As I rid myself of that which keeps me small.
     As I taste the salt of freedom hungrily on my tongue,
      as I stride eagerly through the waves.

And Ein Sof, as I emerge,
teach me...
   what it is like       to have space without end
   what it is like       to be unlimited
   what it is like       to be free.


May I emerge          from the waters with new parts born.
May I walk               into the heart of the wild with open awe-filled eyes.


Ein Sof, One without End
Teach me                  what I need to know.

   That there is             no limit to soul.
   That there is             no place without You.

Ein Sof



Photography Credits

First photograph: Leonid Rozenfeld
Second photograph: Alon Kvashny
Third and fourth photographs: Vicki Hollander