Preparing for Rosh Hashannah & the Days of Awe


It's time to walk into the holy spaces of this moon.

They wait for you.
Like glistening river-washed stones stretching across a creek.

Each linking to the other.
Holding teachings your soul needs.

And as the sun lowers in the sky and the new moon rises,
your soul calls upon the name of God,
One Who Shapes it All.

Creator of all Worlds,  
Who brings all into life each second.
I stand before You on this threshold.

My table decked
with ruby colored apples, amber honey,
breads laced with raisins, shaped in crowns, in spheres,
for You do reign, and
life itself goes round and round,
a circle.


You Who envision all life, fashioning it into being,
Who filled us with light and with shadows.
My praise and thanks to You.

For all the miracles I have known.
For each breath, each beat of my heart.

I thank You for my life.
I thank You for enabling me to reach this moment in time.
I thank You for allowing me to witness, yet again,
this birthing of newness,
pristine, fresh, scented with innocence and hope.

Weaver of the Universe.
In this season
of golden light, of perfect balance,
of earth's harvest, when all lies sweet and in its splendor,

Help me to walk my life in beauty.
Help me use my powers for good.
Help me to join with You as partner,
and bring blessing to this world.


May I take my place with grace. 

HaYotzeir, Dreamer of life.
Walk with me through this doorway
of a new year.

I celebrate Your wonders.
I honor Your Creations.

Aid me
re-create myself.

You Who Shape it All.


Photography Credits

First photograph: Frank Dobrushken
Second photograph: Vicki Hollander