Your soul unfurls her petals.


Eating only dairy foods, color of the Moon,
you go back to the first food that sustained you,
remembering that primal closeness, innocence, the Garden.

You gather fragrant roses, and begin your pilgrimage,
carrying the fruits of your fields as offerings, and call
HaKodesh, Holy One


You Who see the Holy in me.

I again strive to release that which binds me,
that I might be more fully free.

To stand now with You.

Garbed in light,
I am decked with roses. 



I am ready to go beneath the canopy.

I join my ancestors at the foot of the Mountain.
It too is touched with light, 
the sacred places, waiting.

Each year I return to this spot in the desert.

Each year we meet here again.

Each year more of myself emerges.
Each year I shed more husks, pass through more gates.

Each year more of me is present.

Different parts of selves meet each meeting.

So I come anew.


To meet You and join 
in Holy endeavor in candlelight.

To join
as healers of creation.

To practice
the art of loving-kindness.

To be practitioners
of ways of light.



HaKodesh, Holy One,

I betroth myself to You.
With righteousness and with justice.
With loving kindness and with compassion.
With faithfulness.

I am Your precious one, and
You are my Beloved.




Photography Credits

First photograph: Kathy Berendt
Second, third and fifth photograph: Leonid Rozenfeld
Fourth photograph: Vicki Hollander