Simchat Torah

Yedid Nefesh,
Heart of my hearts, Soul of my souls,
come dance with me.



Yedid Nefesh
You Whom I long for,
Just as I pray for rain

leonid-st-fieldthat my fields
may bring forth new life,

so do I dance thanksgiving,
for Your wisdoms, which
water my spirit,
nourish my inner lands.

And so, in celebration,
I dance.

You, Who gives me life,
this dance is for You.

As the moon grows dim, come dance with me.
Place Your hand in mine.

For this is the evening of endings,
and this is the evening of beginnings,
the everlasting dance of life.

img_8229.nesimchat_torahAnd You, You thread through it all.

Traveling with me
through closings, the dying times,
into the rewindings, the reworkings.
Through that which is seen and that which lies hidden,
through that which is known and that which lies in mystery,
through that which is written, and that which lies awaiting to be expressed.



I dance with You, my Partner, through it all,
through all the cycles of my life.

Ever returning to the start. 
That poignant, fresh, glistening point,
font of burgeoning life.

So come Yedid Nefesh,
let us dance the dance eternal.
You, Whom my soul ever seeks.


Photography Credits

First photograph: Frank Dobrushken
Second and third photographs: Leonid Rozenfeld