Yedid Nefesh, love of my soul. 
I enter my sukkah,
lushly decked
with the produce of my life.

Herbs of wisdom,
Peppermint, sage,

Fruits of learning,
ruby apples,
musky grapes,
juice-filled pears.

I drape there
all my deeds,
hopes, downfalls and desires,
amongst which I rest,

ready to meet You..

And there I wait for You. 
Having left my settled habitat,
stripped away all domestication.

I abandoned it all
as I ran down the pathway,
through the garden beds,

into my untamed abode.

While breathing deeply
the fresh fall air.

Joined by
the birds and squirrels, butterflies and rabbits,
bees and deer and
creatures of the night.


Yedid Nefesh,
dear one of my heart.
You call me to break free of all my restrictions.

You remind me that my soul need soar in the wind,
gasp at the moon's rise,  shake free of all confinements.

You formed me wild in my core.

And each year
You woo me out of doors,
to come by Your side.

And in my small ramshackle Eden,
You restore me,
revive me,
open me wide,
enliven me.

Each fall
I hear your call, and
shake off my routines.

Remembering the places we met
when we were young and unrestrained.

The wilderness, the mountains,
hidden gullies and wadis,
at the place of drawing water,
in the fields at edge of night,
and when waking
each crack of dawn.


Yedid Nefesh,  Soul of my soul,
I race to meet you.

Beneath the smoky branches of pine,
beneath the golden globe of harvest moon,
beneath the canopy of endless stars which fill the heavens. 

Open me.
Help me find my native self.
Remember my right place in the universe.
What truly has meaning.

And then,
fill me
once more, 
with wild,  rambunctious



Photography Credits

Frank Dobrushken