It's time to go to the water.

Which flows through the earth, through your body,
renewer, restorer.

And there, at water's side,
your soul calls again upon the name of God,
Shaper of this Universe.


You Who speak all into being,
You have taught me to go and learn from the water,
for she holds lessons that I need.

You Who imaged us at the Beginning,
You have told me, Go to the water.
And as I toss in my crumbs, casting off deeds which diminish me, You say,
bend low, 
watch the fish rise.

They rise to feed and sometimes are caught.
Just as you become snared, trapped, consumed, in the nets of life.
Nets you weave for myself.

You Who shape the earth and her wonders,
You have told me, Go and learn from the water.
For she contains within her remnants of primeval floods, waters of chaos,
mirroring the layers I hold within myself.

That rise and swell, rise and swell, forces of shadow that struggle to dim
the forces of light.
And You urge me this day,
claim the light.


You Who whisper secrets into the universe,
You have told me, Go and learn from the water. 
For she fills you and you reflect her.

Go to the water which lives, You say,
which are replenished by rain, which flow to the ocean,
which shift in the wind.
Go, see her movement, for she teaches
that staying in one place without replenishment bears
stagnation, slow death.

She teaches you too need move, be added to, change, transform,
To like her,
remain fluid.



You Who dreams the universe alive,
You Who fashions marvels,
You have told me, Go and learn from the water.

For just as the waves dance with the shore and are drawn
by the moon's beckoning,
so too do I dance with spirit,
drawn by You.




So I come to water's edge and cast away that which weighs me down,
releasing it to the water.
Which will carry it away.

That I might leave the shore lighter, cleansed,
by water's lips. 

A step close to You, HaYotzeir,

Who gave me breath,
Who gives me life.


Photography Credits

Kathy Berendt