Yom Ha-Atzmaout

Your soul draws toward the Land.
And you call to,
El Brit,



You with Whom my soul is bound,
aid and protect Your Land to which You guided my people.

Land of hope and Land of earth,
for thousands of years you've woven through the dreams of my ancestors.

I dream of you bathed in golden light.
Old, yet youthful, calling me
to learn of your secrets, your hidden places.

leonid-yomhaatzmt-wterfallLong ago my fore-bearers fell in love with you.
On your hills they sang love songs and grazed their flocks.
On your plains they built cities and gardens.
In your fields they wrote poems to you.

For thousands of years you came with us wherever we roamed.
We never forgot you, always sang of you,
seeing your golden stones and green hills,
saying blessings over your fruits,
their scent perfuming our mornings and our nights.

My children, my youth, lie in graves in your earth, and
my blood is mixed with your soil,
you live in the beating of my heart.


Each blade of grass that withers
injures my soul,
and my spirit croons
over each tree that spreads its roots.

Rock and stone, barren and lush,
mountain and desert, rushing waterfalls and dried wadis,

your length and breath I have memorized,
they lie imprinted on my heart.

Land of shadow and Land of light,
Land of struggle and Land of possibilities
Land of soul and Land of blood,
Land of despair and Land of hope.

I dream of peace, you wrestle with constant threat. 
Dream and horror, haven and terror, home, Promised Land.
My soul is bound with you.

leonid-yomhaatzmt-pomegrntYour earth tells stories
of when the world was first born.
The gazelle still run as they did thousands of years ago.

I remember you veiled from ancient days
when a maiden.
I see your weary lined face now etched
with tears and smiles.

I pray for you to find your way.
I mourn each of your fallen. 

I sing of your magic.

My ancient Promised Land,  Land full of promise,
Land of earth and Land of dream.

El Brit, One I am bound with in covenant,
protect your daughter and care for her,
for she rests in my heart and is the light of my days.

El Brit, remember her, and
bring her



Photography Credits

Leonid Rozenfeld