Yom HaShoah

You remember
all those souls who were just like you,

and call upon
El Olam,
by your side through all


There are times
when silence

is the only sound
when facing horrors
of the soul.



There are times
when speech is too small.

Butterflies float,
ghosts of the dead.

leonid-yomhashoah-orgbutterfl-1They perch on my heart,

visiting soul birds,

giving testimony,




They land on my bones,
sing in my soul,
their voices merge
with my own.

I carry them
through my days and through my nights,

inside me,
millions of them,

each with their own face.

leonid-yomhashoah-blbutterfl-1Their wings
beat inside my chest,

thrusting me
to light,
thrusting me
to preserve life,

thrusting me
to live life,

as a sacred trust.

They thrust me 

to life.


Photography Credits

First photograph: Frank Dobrushken
Second and third photograph: Leonid Rozenfeld