Early Winter

In Jewish mystical tradition, the domain of Water.

Once again we return to the realm of water,
sphere of depths, mysteries,
and primal beginnings.


Water runs through your being.

Invisible she flows to every part of you, keeping you juicy.
She runs down your windowpane, gives trees drink,  nourishes the seeds.
Font of life, she refills places needing restoration.

Does your soul remember when your world was once all water?
That primal moment when the waters broke
and out you came
from that place of oneness, safety,
out into the world?
Your soul remembers this.

Water teaches you how to be.
To rise, to surge with the tides,
release to the currents,
which take you where you need to go.

Water transports. Carries you, gently, firmly.

Water in stream ELUL HUMILITY stones

Water mothers you,
births you to what awaits.

Open the chamber door and enter the realm of Water,
and out into the world of early winter.
Down to hidden caves and unforeseen primeval pools
bubbling up from the earth's depths.

Deep beyond anything you know, she lays you down,
into your inner watery cradle,
to lower regions of countries you know only in dream.

Her siren songs croon hauntingly through your winter nights,
helping you steer your way through stony gateways to other worlds.


"Come with me my sister," she sings, "hold my hand."

Her words tinkling like the music of waterfalls
in the heart of the forest.


Photographic Credits:

First Photograph: Frank Dobrushken
Second Photograph: Alon Kvashny
Third Photograph: Leonid Rozenfeld
Fourth Photograph: Kathy Berendt