In Jewish mystical tradition, the domain of Air.


The realm of balance.

The air changes, still holding at times heat,
but now with a bite of coolness.

Storms rise.
Winds sweep through the tree boughs, combing them like a lover's hair.
Cleansing, rearranging the forest, decorating.
Leaving colored mosaics artfully arranged
on sidewalks and paths, steps and streets, 
for us to admire.


Breezes scatter the plants seeds, resowing the earth's beds like a crazy-quilt.
Riding the currents, the birds flock and swarm, rising and falling, swirling and sweeping,
readying to migrate to their wintering grounds.

Air croons, gently ushering you along in your fall tasks.
As you clean your garden beds,
pull overgrown basil plants, empty and wash flower pots,
gather up the deadened vines with still a few bold flowers yet blooming.

Air walks with you,
sings through you,
accompanies you.

Does your soul remember the very Beginning?
When in rippling winds the Spirit of God hovered over the face of the waters,
when the world was being born?

Your soul saw this,
witnessed Spirit shimmering everywhere.


Every time you breathe you can feel inside you, God's breath,
whispering through the bones and caverns of your body.
Air keeps you alive, keeps you in life.

She teaches you how to live.
Solidly present, there.

Air weaves through all life, touching everything, silently.

She mothers you,
quietly by your side,
desiring you to live.

Open the chamber door and enter the sphere of Air.

Air carries you into the world of fall, into the tasks
of letting go, 
releasing the extraneous.

In spring the life-force moves up, surges out. 
In fall she moves downward.

Lures you out into the autumn brightness.

"Bring the wisdoms gleaned
from your summer expeditions into the light of day.
Shed all that is not necessary."
She sings, she sings to you.

"Look, see, "she speaks, "it's time to travel more freely. 
To take the next step in the cosmic dance of life."

Her words ring in golden wind chimes,
sing with the turning leaves,
rustle in the breeze.


Photographic Credits

All photographs: Frank Dobrushken