Enter Now the Mystical Tradition of Fall

I. Realm oAir

      Breathe these in now.







walks with you, sings through you,


  hovers over the face of the waters.
         Solidly present
  each time you breathe, she whispers through

      the bones and caverns of your body.

  Air mothers you....silently by your side...
     desiring that you live.

   Honor her...Let Gratitude rise...Breathe


   Enter into the Covenant of Fall, the
   Covenant of Heart.

  Open your chest wide,
   feel your heart beating....sustaining you....
      Let her guide you now.
         She will show you the way.

       Aleph א
linked with Fall joins you now as
  Mother, Guide, Companion.

Her value, one....calls 
   feel the Unity woven through all Existence.

Just as her form holds balance,
 strive for balance.

Just as she is silent,
  nourish silence now and glean from her.

Do now the tasks of Fall.
  Release...Let go...Shed...

As you trek this Season, 
  fill from these deep wells.


 It is time dear,
   to harvest the fruits of your life.

   To stand bravely and proudly as do the trees,
     in your full beauty... just as you are,
       colors glowing.


  It is time to release that which no longer serves you.
     To just let it go now dear.




  And as the leaves turn to red and wine and 
     float down round your head,


   as the light turns gold and shines through the trees,

      it is time now for you too to shine.




   It is time for you to shine.


And after the shedding of the extraneous,
 stand bare boned, arms wide open to the skies.
Strong, unadorned, stripped down,
    brave and powerful in your stark and elemental beauty.

And as just as the sunset gloriously shines through the lacy black weave of tree branches,
walk regally with seasoned grace.
      Your beautiful essence too,


 Musings from Aleph:
father, parent, ancestor; Aviv: Spring; Even: Stone;Egoz: Nut; Agam: Lake, pool; Ohel: Tent; Oiyev: Enemy, foe, adversary; Avir: air, weather; Uman: Craftsman, artisan; Otzar: Treasure; Or: Light; Oreach: Guest, visitor; Ot: Sign,mark, signal; Ozen: Ear; Ach/Achot: Brother; Sister; Echad: One; Ehcha: Lamentations; Ayel: Deer, Hart, Stag; Ayin: Nothing; Eish/Eisha: Man, woman; Alumah: Sheaf; Almanah: Widow; Em: Mother, ancestress, matriarch; Om: People; Oniyah: Ship, boat; Asaf: Harvest, ingathering; Af: Nose; Affel: Dark, dim; Ehfer: Ashes, dust; Arucha: Meal, food; Aron: Chest, ark, coffin; Erez: Ceder; Ari: Lion; Eretz: Earth, land, country, soil; Eish: Fire, heat; Adamah: Soil, land 

Nuts falling from the trees are rapidly gleaned by squirrels filling their winter larders.
  Each eve the sky grows dimmer as the Earth readies to bed for rest.
     At dusk deers emerge.

On those precious warm days, sit in the glow of the day....soaking up the soft sun. 
   Let the sigh of winds echo in your ears, the musky smell of earth linger in your nose.
       Feel the change in the air, in the light now.

The soil’s yet rich with treasures, sheaves testifying in the fields.
   The craftspeople ready their indoor projects.
      Travelers tuck their tents into storage.

Just as the Widow dreads the coming darkness, a wistfulness lingers at times as night grows.
   To buffer the lamentations that well up now, kindle a fire in the crisp evenings and gather guests round,
       warming your home on every level.

So the lion strides forth to anchor your courage,
  as you sail your boat forth into your night dreams.
      Releasing that which is no longer necessary, that you might travel those seas more lightly.

Some Aleph Verbs:
Avad: To be lost, stray; Aval: To mourn, lament; Ahav: To love; Eched: To unite, combine, join; Ahaz: to hold, grasp:
Achal: To eat; Aman: To foster, nurse; Amatz: To be strong, vigorous, bold, valiant; Amar: To say, tell, utter; Anach: To sigh, moan; Anas: To force, compel, rape; Asar: To imprison, arrest: Arag: To weave; Arur: To curse

You mourn, sigh, and some days curse, the shadows that lurk in this world, and
   the passage of light to other realms.

Instead of allowing them to imprison you, to stray from your course, force you to the ground,
  grasp this season of gold...join with it.... move to its heart.

Eat golden squashes and root vegetables, which descend into the earth’s bed and
  are infused with its riches.

Weave these teachings of nourishment and let them nurse your soul: 
     Love what lies in your hands.
        Cherish them with grateful heart.
            For these will feed and hearten you.

Other Aleph Words:
Adam: 1st human being; Adom: Red; Aragvan: Purple; Avir: Strong, mighty; Abracadabra; Avraham; Agada: Legend, tale, story, myth; Adir: Great, powerful, mighty; Aaron; Achlamah: Amethyst; Eyob: Job; El: God, power, strong; Elohim: God; Elijah; Aleph; Ehmunah: Faith, belief; Ehmet: Truth, certainty; Ani: I; Ahnech: Onyx; Esther (Persian: star, bliss); Arbah: Four; Asham: Offense, trespass; Osher: Happiness

Drape your bed with hangings of red and purple,
   while the healing powers of the Amethyst sparkle in your dreams.
Draw upon the power of faith more deeply in this season.

Adam and Abraham, Aaron and Job, Elijah and Esther,  gather round,
   your guides and teachers this Moon.
Mighty forces are called upon for renewal and transformation.

Truth lights the way, legends rise, myths proffer strength,
   girding your spirit as you take your staff in hand.

Rise with power now,
  and walk with heart into the deepening night.

Photographic Credits

All photographs: Frank Dobrushken