Introduction to Life-tasks linked with Cycles of Age,
with each Month of the Year

Imagine each month of the year holding a span of life.

In the course of one year
you can walk through the whole round.

rsshellvhYou can look back
at all the phases you've passed through.
The sweet, the difficult, the lessons learned.
It's powerful to claim the events of your life.

Through review, can come insight, wider views.
You can reclaim gifts from earlier stages
to reinvigorate life now.

You can look at your current cycle of life.
And better chart your life-course,
with mindfulness and spirit.

You can look at the cycles of life that lie ahead.
whose tasks can be practiced
and can serve as guides and anchors.


All these come, to aid you live. 

and with power,

rsfrktreeThat you might live and age,
zest and clarity









Imagine yourself, back before the Beginning.
As the Creator woke from dreaming this world into being,
and began to sculpt.

kathy 6mo sunsetGleefully shaping breathtaking beauty.

Soul filled with utter delight.
Each and every piece shimmering,

Each singing its existence into the soul of the Universe.
Songs blending
in harmony.



Then all was ready,
for the final Creation.


Crafted in the fourteenth hour,
just as the sun was about to disappear.

The table set, waiting,
as the Artist of All breathed the last into existence.
stirred limb.

Filled with energy from artful labor,
Adam took their place with gleaming skin,
sparkling in the light, spirits free,
souls glowing. 

So were we conceptualized.
As radiant creatures.

This is your legacy, which dwells in your cells.
Dazzling, that which resides in you.

Look within. You've pictures of each season,
Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, and
snapshots from all the places in life you've been to thus far.

Each phase of your life nestles in your bones.

And you've images as well of the decades yet to come.
Faces of grandmothers, mothers, aunts, neighbor women, elders,
these too are there, living maps,
imprinted in your bloodstream.

And you've spiritual maps,
embedded in moon, stars, earth, holy days.

Imagine too a biblical woman appears,
as you move through each cycle of life.
There, as a guide, through that span.

Each period of life holds
a spiritual task,
things to remember, and
lessons to claim.

A drash of beginnings:

rsvickispringcherryImagine your spirit
being conceived
in the spring.






When your ancestors danced at the shores of the Red Sea,
the thrill of freedom, pounding in their veins,
songs, pouring like waves 
from their lips.

Imagine, being carried for nine months,
and emerging into this world
the morning after the winter solstice,
in the moon of Tevet.

rskathysunsetAt that very moment 
when the light begins 
her return.


that was
when your soul
entered life.


So we go to the moon of Shvat,
and enter the first cycle of life,
ages 5 to 9.

Come, see.

Tasks and the age demarcations
from Pirkei Avot, Wisdoms of the Fathers,
section of Mishnah which some date between 300 BCE-200 CE.

Seasons linked with elements
from Sefer Yetzirah.

Stories of the Matriarchs
pieces drawn from Torah and Midrash.

Photography Credits:

First photograph: Vicki Hollander
Second and fourth photograph: Frank Dobrushken
Fifth photograph: Vicki Hollander
Third and final photograph: Kathy Berendt