In Jewish mystical tradition, the domain of Air.


Air fills the universe,
whispers in your body,
flows in and out of you like the tides.

She enters your nostrils,
your mouth when you laugh,
circulates through every cell of your being.

She stirs sweetly, brushing your skin like a lover,
while making the tree limbs bow and wave.

Her breath
caresses the creatures fur, bends the herbs in the garden,
tucks into every crevice of life.

she walks alongside us.

At times she moves ferociously,
breaking off dead branches from the trees,
lifting and flinging houses and all within her path.

At times she simply plays
with feathers, lifts untied hats, swings on unlatched gates,
fills your lungs, and shoos the scent of lavender to passersby.



Does your soul remember that incredible moment
when God breathed in Adam's nostrils?

Seeing that still form all of a sudden, move,
fingers begin to stir, eyelids flutter, limbs shift?
Your soul remembers this.




Every time you inhale
and feel air entering your body, your soul knows
this is a breath of God.
Each moment
God is breathing into you
the wind
of life.


Air weaves through your body, essential.
Those moments when you gasp for her
you know how infinitely precious she is.
Your gentle life-companion.

She teaches you how to live.
To follow her movement,
in and out, in and out,
one breath at a time.

Air circulates, moves, enlivens you.
Air Mothers you.

She's there all the time,
steadying you,
holding you in her arms.

Open the chamber door
and enter the World of Air.

She carries you into the domain of Spring,
into the realm of unfolding,
into the dance of new life.

vicki p treebuds

She lures you out of your winter lair,
to join in the dance of Creation.

"Bring your wisdoms gleaned from winter's dreams
into the light of the day,"

"Look. See."
she speaks, "all life is now coming into being!"

Her words ring like silver wind-chimes,
and sing from the tree-boughs
rustling in the breeze.


Photography credits:

First photograph: Leonid Rozenfeld
Second photograph: Picasa web, album, nature by Margo Creative Commons. Feather.
Third and fourth photograph: Vicki Hollander