In Jewish mystical tradition, the domain of fire.


Fire flickers everywhere.
Glows in your body,
glimmers magically in campfires,
animating all.

Fire dances,
sings with passion,
wild, erotic, naked,

Fire once illuminated the world.
Does your soul remember?
Those molten flames now tucked away in the heart of the earth?

Do you remember that primal moment
when lightening struck a deadened tree bursting into flame?
And that first curious one,
who explored this new thing,
trying to re-create it?

This too your spirit recalls,
as she stares into the flames, florescent orange, yellow, blue and white,
mirroring the layers of our soul,
as she watches the globe of summer sun sink into the horizon.


The fire of life weaves through your body, glints through your eyes,
makes your heart beat faster, wreaths your face with expression,
makes your skin glow.
Her passion surges through you when you make love.
Hers too the heat of anger and justice-making.

She flows through you as you
shape words, blow glass, paint, stitch, shape pots,
build and sow.

She teaches you how to live.
With energy, vibrancy, aliveness.

She instructs you
to kindle your spirit, stir her embers.

SANY1154Mindfully tend her.

She invites you to





cleanses, purifies,
transforms, shimmers,
shows the way. 

Fire Mothers.
Burns away the extraneous.
Lightening your load.

Open the chamber door and now enter the World of Fire.

She carries you into the realm of Summer.
Out to the beaches, forests, wilderness.
Towards unexpected discoveries.

Out into the fields you go before dawn,
before the temperature rises, before the day heats up,
when there is yet a dim coolness.
Out you go surveying the ripening fruits, the vegetable's progress.
Just as they stretch into growth each new day, so too do you.

She leads you through the deepening heat
that you might touch the fiery parts that lie within yourself
in regions well hidden, buried deep below,
which contain vital keys, messages crucial
to adding well-being
to your life.


"There are times you need make descent," she whispers to you.
"And I will companion you."

Her words crackle softly
in the memories of your dreams.

So you enter the sphere of Fire,
the domain of Summer.


Photography credits:

All photographs: Vicki Hollander