In Jewish mystical tradition, the domain of Water.

Water shimmers through your body,
glistens down the riverbeds,
runs to the ocean, place where all gathers
as one.

Water sings with passion
erotic, free.

Water in stream ELUL HUMILITY stones

Remember when the world was once all water?
Remember that primal moment
when the upper waters rose from the lower ones?

No longer did chaos rule.
Rather realms of blue above and
realms of blue below.

Linked by ladders
of cloud, rain, snow and ice.


Your soul remembers.

Water keeps you alive.
She teaches you how to live.
Flowing in concert with the everlasting movements of change.

Water cleanses. Renews. Tumbles you clean.
Water Mothers.
Takes all you need shed, away to the sea.

She carries you into the world of Winter.
Down winding labyrinths to unexpected ancient springs.
Steering you through the rocky embankments of life,
deep into your dreams.


"Listen to your inner voice," she sings.
"Look. See." she speaks.
Her words hang shimmering like messages etched
into window-frost in the morning.

So you enter the sphere of Water, domain of Winter.



Photography Credits

First, third, and last photograph: Kathy Berendt
Second photograph: Leonid Rozenfeld