Introduction to the Moons

While in Egypt, slaves, at the cusp of freedom, 
we were commanded to mark our months by the moon.

To travel alongside her.


She moves
from newness to fullness,
ebbs, and then
returns once more to wholeness.
Mirroring our lives.

Each moon,
in her season, set with holy days,
bears unique messages for us.


She glides by our sides,
through all our days.

So listen to her teachings. 
Come and move
in this ancient 

Hebrew Date Converter

*The Jewish calendar is lunar-solar. The Jewish months begin
on the new moon, Rosh Chodesh, 'head of the month' (start of the Hebrew month.).

Background to this work:

In 1988, a single mother, embroiled in a horrific custody battle, about to return to post-graduate studies,
launch two part-time jobs with lengthy commutes, and newly moved back to the city,
I decided I needed a monthly oasis time.
A space of restoration, laughter, telling of stories and warmth.

So I called 18 Jewish women, and we rented the Center for Holistic Medicine, complete with huge hot-tub,
to meet monthly, to mark
Rosh Chodesh, the new moon.

Just before gathering, it felt ritual was needed, so I started to compose,  
writing opening and closing rituals as well as prayer-poems for each moon.

With time and study, the nuances of the moons have emerged more powerfully,
gracing my life. 

Now walking each moon,

her changing themes, lend grounding, inspiration, renewal, 
and always,
just the needed perspective to my day.


Photographic Credit: Frank Dobrushken