Introduction to the Hebrew Letters linked with the Cycles of Time
Symbols-Teachings embedded within

The mystics
linked each letter of the twenty-two in the Hebrew aleph-bet,
with a cycle of time.

SANY0697Twelve, link with each month.

Three, with the seasons, spring and fall merging as one.

Seven, with the days of the week.

With each, symbols cluster.
Carrying messages.

To lift, carry, transport us.
Take us to new places.

Succoring us,
rising to our sides,
champions, companions.

Lending us strength and inspiration,
as we meet
that which awaits us.

A rugged road life sometimes is,
a wilderness surrounding us.

We engraving our way, as it engraves us.

So we enter circles, cycles of teachings.
Gleaning that which touches, calls to us, at each reading.

Photographic Credits: Vicki Hollander