Prayer for Elul (August-September)
Waters of Humility


Imagine sitting in a wild place.
On a hillside overlooking glaciers or in the sand beside the ocean.
Remember that feeling of being one small creature in a large and ancient universe.


From this place
your soul calls
upon the name of God

my Rock, my Mooring.





HaTzur, give me the strength
to hand myself to You,
to rest in Your arms.

Help me remember
that I can't shape it all.
That there comes a time when I need let go of all I hold onto.
To make room for new possibilities.

Let humility well up like a stream and fill my soul.
May I listen to its music.


leonid-elul-streamHaTzur, grace me with the courage
to yield to You.

To recline beneath Your wings.

Wipe away
having to have the answers.

That there might be room
for new ways of seeing.


Let humility well up like a stream that I might drink from it.
Gift me tranquility that I might rise up re-centered.

HaTzur, grace me with the wisdom to learn,
to be still in Your Presence.

Help me unfurl my clenched hand.
That we might walk together.

And let humility well up
like a stream.

Help me turn,

and return.


Photography Credits

Both photographs: Leonid Rozenfeld