Embrace the "Lamed," One Guide this Moon of Tishrei
   which weaves with Tashmish, Intimate Union...
 the merging calling, now is the time to
       Gather, unite, all parts of self...and then to join
          soul to Soul....

And from the joining of Lamed and Intimate Union
Maznayim, scales, in the Universe....
   which measure the ingathered harvest, saying, now is the time to...
      Review your behaviors, weigh your life-deeds...

Largest of letters, Lamed beckons you to board her, your chariot....
   Floating like a tower hovering in air, she offers
     lofty vantage point from which to view the landscape of your life.

For the Book of Life now lies open...
   whereas in Egyptian lore, Ma'at placed the heart of the departed in one pan
     and the feather of truth in the other, to determine that soul's fate
       in the afterlife...
You can change course in life.
   Seize this opening...this belief in you, this proffered hope...
      Choose now life giving ways of being...

Lamed, Intimate Union, and the Scales moor in the soil of 
Tishrei, in the year...
  with her steady stream of holy days, there to lead you into your depths...

Lamed's value, 30...(days within the moon cycle) beckons you to...
  immerse in this sanctuary of time...
    join in this ancient dance of turning, alongside the trees and earth...

Her form reaches above the boundaries, higher than all other letters, calling you to...
  Reach now for your highest self...

Strip off your veneers, walk through the valleys of Tishrei, drink from her streams...
   Hike the wilds of your existence....

Lamed's name, carved with wisdom-message travels by your side...
  "Lev Meivein Daat" "the heart understands Wisdom"....

    Steer from your heart-wisdom center as you spirit-walk this Moon...
      For she will guide you well...

Tishrei's name from Akkadian meaning 'Beginning," 
    it is time to Re-Create....

Lamed, Intimate Union, the Scales, and Tishrei, join now with the powerful champion
   planted in your body...
Marah, your gall bladder in your soul...
  Intricate vessel, she distributes energy,
     overseeing your emotional-spiritual systems instructing...

Beware of impulsive-reckless behavior...
   Walk now with Wisdom and Prudence...and I will aid you..
      I am your inner Guardian this Moon walking within, with and for you....

Godspeed in this Moon dear one...
  Tred this rich ancient spiral path well...
     with your wise-good heart and beautiful spirit...

Words with lamed, musings

Lev: Heart                                         Lavan: White                          Lavana: Moon
Lehavah: Flame                                Lechem: Bread                       Leidah: Birth
Luach: Calendar                               Leilah: Night                          Lapid: Torch
Lashon: Tongue, language               
Lulav: Woven stalks of myrtle, willow, and palm shaken with the etrog during the Jewish Holy day of Sukkot       

When the moon tucks into night, we delve deeply into heart and soul, traveling inwards.
The darkness invites us to regions unseen,
to guard our tongue,
cleanse, renew our soul.
As the moon grows we dress in white, and rekindle our inner flame.

First breaking bread, celebrating, then into the fast we go,
moving away from earthly ways.
For twenty-four hours living in another sphere.
Returning, re-birthed, lulav in hand,
restored, filled with joy.

Lachatz: Pressed                              Lomed: To Learn, study             Lakach: To take

Tishrei calls us
to ride the tide of the changing light,
and shift energies,
mirroring that which ripples through the deep currents of the earth,
our hidden inner possibilities desiring
to emerge.

We step out of lives pressed with all that must be done,
that we might see differently for a time, abide in spirit-time.

We re-learn that which we know.
Review our lives, life, our place in this universe,
making room for our souls
to emerge, open, shine,
as they have the capacity to.

And we live in this place this moon, moving through its many rooms
of sacred times, rituals, and teachings.

Leah: Matriarch                                   Lavan: Leah's father           Lebanon
Lag B'Omer: Jewish spring holy day  Lachosh: Whisper               Lot: Abraham's nephew
Levi: Tribe of Israel                            Lo: No                                Levad: Alone
L'olam: Eternally, forever
Leviathan: Large Fish supposedly which will feed all at the end of days
Lamed-Vavniks: 36 righteous individuals whose good acts keep the Universe alive

We hold within, Leah,
whom they say could see glimpses of the next world,
her weak eyes enabling her to see different dimensions.
While Laban-parts of ourselves
try to out-smart, manipulate
that which we don't want to see.

This moon is the reckoning time.

The beckoning time.
Where we're called to turn.

Time of saying 'no' to forces within
that destroy, steal away our life-force, over-ride our soul,
and to leave these behind, just as Lot left Sodom.


And as journey we keep out eyes open for lamed-vavniks,
who may wander across our path, showing us another way.

This time requires fortitude, strength, and honesty.
Where we like Levi, delve into Divine Service.

This time whispers to us of our very final days, 
when we shall sit to the feast of the Leviathan.

Soul time, repair time, time of restoration.

*"A tower soaring in air" Chagigah 15b
*The only letter that ascends above the "upper bound" Zohar 3:246b

*Parah, the Hebrew root of Ephraim's name, means "Fruitfulness"
*Link with the West and the Shechina: Zevachim 118b
*Midrash Rabbah Numbers 2:10: The place of the West round the Mishcan and the brothers who stood there, and well as the link with Raphael.

*Maimonides comments about the strength of these three tribes ability to withstand the weather.
*Par, means bull.

*Drashed Tzur: Rock