The Moon of Adar (February-March) (Adar II in leap years)

While the clouds hover, hidden things rustle around you, inside you...
Randomness whirls, stirring your soul.

Wildness, chaos, the winds of change sweep through your spirit...
turning her upside down and inside out.

All the order you've painstakingly cultivated, overturns.
And you sit, gasping, indignantly...


kathy-adar-resized the same time....
a breath of joy slips through your being, illuminating you. 

You feel an opening in your chest...
   for room is being made for you to be in... 
   for your real self...for your true spirit.

So you call HaNistar,
Who walks beside you in unseen ways.


Hidden One,
come, lead me through Adar.

Time of cloud and fantasy, struggle and whimsy,
where what appears to be real
is but a dream,
and what seems dreamlike,
carries seeds of truth...

Where winter yet strives to reign,
while spring calls forth crocuses to bloom...

HaNistar, You Who hide,
come and guide me through this moon.

akmisc2.10020.ak_moon-adarWhere just as my soul wearies from the darkness,
You make signs of light appear... 
Just as I think the night will never end,
You cause rainbows to shimmer,
and the winds to whisper to me with Your voice,
"Keep walking my love,
with your hands outstretched."



You Who lie concealed,
You call to my inner one who loves to frolic...
who holds cascades of laughter deep within the caverns of her belly. 
You call to my wild one 
living in my bones.
to waken.

You invite me
to enter the world of illusion and imagination...
For my waif to deck herself in golden queenly robes...
    and enter the timeless story
    of chance and fortune...
    breathtaking turns...
    where life hangs on threads.
    and at the very last second
    evil is thwarted
    and the seemingly impossible...

You know, Winter sobers the human spirit...
and thus, along comes Adar...
the impulsive, roguish youth, 
   brazen and feisty...
   challenging me...
        to unmask...
        to untie that which blocks my vision...
        to widen my horizons...
       to loosen hold onto that which I firmly clutch...
that I might hear springs call.

You Who wait out of sight,
You call up from within me
the one
    who loves to step on the ice's edge,
    aiding the transformation
        of ice to water,
        of that which is rigid,
        to fluidity.

You Who are veiled
clothed in mysterious ways...
     help me find my way,
     uncover my true course...


You Who are secreted away,
   reveal my unseen wells,
   dissolve my internal winters,
   free my inner waters,
       that they might flow again,
       race and swirl again,
       foam and frolic and tumble.


Let laughter rise up within me,
joy and elation, 
well up, spill out, and merge 
with the spring rains. 

Bearing me
to new life.

new Life
to me.


Photography Credits

First and third photograph: Kathy Berendt
Second photograph: Alon Kvashny
Third photograph: Leonid Rozenfeld