The Moon of Adar I in Leap years (February-March) 

You walk now in a pregnant year.
7 times in 19 years she ascends, birthing two Adar's, which keeps the seasons in position.
This first, an offering, a sacred space.
While you, as the clouds cover the skies and winds sweep the land,
you, craving shelter and tending, call upon 
HaRachaman, One filled with deep, cascading, loving.



HaRachaman, hold me tenderly now...

 You Who remind me this moon that living a life solely of fast movement,
   robs me of the essential communing time I need
     for my spirit....

You Who cares so passionately,
  You remind me this moon how mundane existence lulls one into
  dream-walking, surface-living,
    stealing away the vital space I need, that I might wake up...
       and reconnect once more with my core.

So, You call me now to join in this dance of readjustment... of the cycles of time, and
  to hold on tightly to the sanctuary of this moon,
    to the precious treasure of Adar I.

Adar I is commonly plain. without celebration or song.
   Unadorned and in her simplicity, she speaks to me....



To slow down...
  to carve out space in which to find and feel my soul.

    To slow down...
       to return to ways of living that restore me...




Aid me rouse, You Who love so deeply.
  And help me sculpt room for my deepest self to emerge... in this rare and gifted moon.

     Support me as I delve within
       and coax out into the light,
         my true and beautiful being...

So that at this moon's end....I might rise...
  and sing my song more powerfully.
    The song only I can sing,



Photography Credit

Kathy Berendt