The Hebrew Letter "Kuf,"
bound to the month of Adar,
twelfth month of the Jewish year, late-winter.

Gray clouds cluster in the skies.
That once seen now becomes hidden.

This, the twelfth month,
lies pregnant,
with newness.

A whisper,
a promise.

* In Adar the Jewish year closes, beginning again in Nisan, the New Year of the years,
the month wherein we mark the leaving of slavery.

We enter now
Oyahv, house of our enemies
which calls us to walk forward with open eyes.

For besides dazzling beauty,
our worlds also contain

Hostile forces.

This moon calls us
to beware.

*Sefer Yetzirah pg. 201
* Webster Dictionary: pg 272 hostile to another....who seeks the overthrow or failure of that
to which they are opposed....a hostile force....
in general anything that injures one....Enemy stresses antagonism whether it shows itself in hatred or intense dislike
or in a destructive attitude or action.

See the
Dagim, two fish, sky-sign of this moon,
moving in opposite directions?
They embody struggle.

in the seasons,
winter vying with spring's approach,

within our beings,
within our days, inherent in life.

Pain dwells alongside deep joys,
as we stride through sunlit valleys and craggy peaks,
through stark magnificence and at times, great harshness.

We swim in winters domain of water as do the fish.
Submerged in shadowy realms of dream and wakefulness,
knowing changes will be coming,
and that changes need be made.

Even those shifts eagerly awaited bring their own set of challenges.
"Be careful what you wish for,"our mothers warned.

But dreamers and visionaries
and those who love life,

move forward

it All.

Dagin, Sefer Yetzirah pg.209
*See A Dictionary of Symbols, A Woman's Dictionary of Symbols and Sacred Objects

So rises Sochok, laughter, the sense of this moon,
as tool, antidote, and invitation.

For antagonism stunts the human spirit,
and to withstand this requires defiance,
intention, and ingenuity

Laughter, chimes of freedom,
and breaks the chains that bind,
awakens the life-force,
bearing in her wake,

Laughter says
we can alter the picture,

turn things on their head,
see from a different vantage point.

A triumphant

To be aimed for.


*Sochok, laughter, Sefer Yetzirah pg. 218

So we mobilize
Tachol, the spleen, part of the body of this moon,

a reservoir filled with blood, which in emergencies
releases red blood cells
when extra oxygen is needed,

keeping our blood free,
from unwanted substances.

In Chinese medicine the spleen is known as "the Official of Transformation and transportation,"
transforming food and drink to chi,
distributing it to mind, body, and spirit.

So we need do the same,
emotionally and spiritually in this time.

Draw from our inner wells, rally our life-force,
banish that which harms, wash toxic messages from our system,
and replace these,
with that
which affirms and nourishes.

And we need do so purposefully now.

* Sefer Yetzirah: pg.218.
* See the Encyclopedia and Dictionary of Nursing; A Dictionary of Symbols
*Chinese Medicine for Maximum Immunity pg.74

So the Hebrew letter of this moon, Kuf,

19th letter of the alphabet rises to our side.

The number 19 links with 'Chava,' Eve, *
the primal woman, 'mother of all living.'

Our 19 year calendar cycle,
keeps the moon and sun in balance.*

Draw now on these metaphors,
to aid your attachment to life,
to moor yourself in time and space,
as you engage in the work of this moon.

Kuf also holds the numerical value of 100.

Age when Abraham fathered Isaac,*
number of blessings the rabbis instruct to speak daily,*

the door through which our ancestors taught,*
we move from mundane living to living with the breath of the sacred.

100 is the number of years the sages say composes an eagle's life,*
which appeared in Ezekiel's vision,*
bird of power and majesty, nobility and strength.

Noble escorts these, 
through this time of cloud and narrowness.

* 19 in gematria links with Chavah
*The 19 year cycle of the moon in relation to the sun. Mishnah Torah, Kidush HaChodesh.
*Sefer Yetzirah pg. 218
*Genesis 17:17 Shall a child be born to one who is a hundred years old?
* 100 blessings daily: Menachot 43b
*Avot, 5:22: ...a hundred, as though one were already dead and had passed away and ceased from the world, (from all mundane matters into the spiritual realm)
*The life span of an eagle, Rabbi David Kimchi to Psalm 103:5, "May my youth be renewed as an eagle."
*Ezekiel 1:10 ..."they four also had the face of an eagle."

Naftali, tribe of this moon,
also joins us.
Like the symbol embroidered upon his wine-colored flag,*
the 'triumphant' hind, he runs swiftly forward to greet us.*
Nimble, fleet, a man of power.

Sixth son of Bilhah, Rachel's handmaiden, 'wrestling' engraved in his name,*
he heartens us.
For he emerged from his struggles, victorious.
And we can do the same.

Naftali's the third brother to stand on the dark north side of the Mishcan,
well able to hold his place,
being satiated with blessings,
the promise that lies ahead of us too.

A good companion and
champion, he.

*Genesis 30: 7 Naftali's birth, ' then Rachel said, 'with mighty wrestlings have I wrestled with my sister and have prevailed!' So she named him Naftali.
49: 21: Naftali is a doe let loose that beats words of victory.
*Deuteronomy 33:23:  Oh Naftali sated with favor, full of God's blessing....
*Midrash Rabbah Numbers 2:7: the color of his flag is like clarified wine....on it embroidered a hind....
*Midrash Rabbah Numbers 2:10... on the north....Naftali, with the blessing of ample sustanance...(food)

Rumiel, angel of this moon,
also rises,
bearing promise for our soul
and speaks.

I will lift you up
that you might better see.

For from a place aloft,
from seeing the sweeping wide expanse,
spreading forth like the sea of the wide, wide plains,
perspective changes.

Peace comes.
Trust flows.

That this too can be met.
With the best we have.
And that that
is a blessing. 

* Sefer Yetzirah translated by Aryeh  pg.210
*Drashed  Rum: to rise, be elevated, exalted

And Purim, holiday of this moon,
too comes forth to fortify us.

The story of our people living in a country not their own,
subject to the whims of others,
to the rises and falls of fortune,
including a casting of lots
life or

Somber story
told with ribald jokes, shots of drink in hand,
costumed and masked.

Story filled with breathtaking twists and turns, it concludes with 


Spirit, hidden, unnamed,
shows Its hand.

Present, shrouded by mists.

* See the Book of Esther


So we walk through the clouds feeling the chill of shadows.
Remembering the 
task of life to say 'no'

to that which drains us
to that which attempts to diminish our shimmering beings.

And to remember our innate beauty, value,, place, in this world.
To remember
who it is we are.

And to do this as we learn the lessons we have to learn.
Being tamed by events and persons, the walk of life itself.

We now re-learn of that line, 
of that destructive point, not to be crossed,
which sometimes we only discover by having crossed it.

Life teaches just where that line lies
and of it's danger.

So our angel spreads hands
to give us a boost up

and from that high place look out,
across the broad horizon.

Letting the sheer magnificence and light move our lips to blessing,
as we shed all that diminishes us, cast it to the wind.

And let laughter well, and gladness,
mirrored in the dance of the hind on the hillside,
cavorting now,
with glee.

Words with Kuf, musings

Kever: Grave                                Kahal: Community                 Kol: Voice
Kur: Web                                       Kayitz: Summer                      Kemeach: Meal, flour
Kinah: Wailing, Lamentation        K'lalah: Curse                       Katzeir: Harvest, reaping
Korban: Sacrifice, offering           Keren: Horn, ray, beam        Keshet: Bow, rainbow
Kittel: Part of the burial shroud worn at wedding, Pesach, other holidays

The weight of winter lies heavily on our spirits, heavy as the grave.
Depleted, our voice lifts metaphorically in wail, cursing the clouds, weary of it all, and longing for light.
Summer and harvest feel so very far away.

Caught in this web, we extricate ourselves and turn our eyes towards any flicker of light, any warm day graced,
as Spirit's signs, offerings, calling to us, to hold on.

So we open our cupboards and take out flour, kneading it to bread, our hands plunged into the staff of life.
Something tangible, concrete, that we can feel.
Something through which we can nourish both ourselves and others.

While through the windows we watch the storms pass, catch the radiant light of rainbows, love signs,
that God's walking with us, closely.

Kibeil: Receive, accept                   Kavar: Bury, entomb             Kiheil: Assemble, gather
Kadash: Sanctify, consecrate         Kum: Stand, rise, get up       Kaval: Hope, trust
Kiyeim: Fulfill, affirm, sustain       Kanah: Buy, purchase           Karaah: Rend, tear
Karah: Read, proclaim, happen     Karav: Come near, approach

Rend your clothes, peel off and bury parts that no longer serve you.
Assemble your truths and visions of what's essential for your life.
Affirm your deepest values, rise and act them out in your days.
Live the life you truly want to live, right now.

It's time to rise up, affirm, and consecrate our lives.

And as the crocuses open, we renew our hopes,
feeling the earth's move to its time of blossoming.
The time of Blossoming.

Kedusha: Holiness                          Katan: Small                           Keitz: End, destruction
Kar: Cold, chilly                             Kasheh: Hard, difficult        Kesher: Connection, knot
Kabbalah: Received mystical tradition            Kain:  First born who killed his brother
Kedushin: Marriage                       Kaddish: Prayer praising God's sanctity
Korach: Leader who slaughtered weak and vulnerable of the Israelites while they were on route to the Promised Land      

There's much destruction in the world.
The world can feel both large and cold, as well as small and congested. 

Many are the Cains wandering this earth. Many the Korachs.
At times it's difficult to get through our days.

Yet flowing beneath and through it all is deep interconnection.
So we utter the Kaddish, speaking of the sparks of the Holy which penetrate all life.

Feeling the Kabbalah's wisdoms weaving through life's layers, birthing the world alive.

And we remember
each day lovers enter into kedushin.
And each day those with hope and joy give birth to new life.
And each day the miracles of life bloom.

And each day God sings life into our bones,
calling us to life, each day.