The Moon of Cheshvan (October-November)



Feel the earth's changes,
the tide of night rising round you.

So you call upon the name of God , HaMakom, 
your place, your haven,
in this time of transformation.


HaMakom, in this moon of Cheshvan,
Teach me to learn from the trees.


They rise in radiant splendor,
their rich reds, deep clarets, and
brilliant golds,
gleaming on the hillsides.

Showing me the way to walk in this world.
With quiet dignity, colors aflame,
soul shining in beauty.

Gently releasing that which is no longer needed,
to stand more lightly in this world.

Cheshvan arrives, season of sowing in the Land.

Barley and wheat are tucked into earth's bed
to sleep and rise in the spring.

Now is the time to plant seeds, 
which in order to sprout require exposure to cool air
and deep rest.

So too do I need travel through my chilled spells, times of darkness,
that I might rise in my season,
and gift nourishment to this world.


In Cheshvan in the Land, storks and cranes on route to the south,
take respite in the fields, blanketing them in white.

So you show me that cycles ever keep turning.
To watch for the gifts which periodically descend,
the storks, harbingers,
of promises
yet to come.


In Cheshvan the farmers gently lay newly plucked olives 
into their garlicky brine, that they might in quiet 
turn to luscious morsels. 

After reviewing my harvest, cleansing my spirit,
living in the elements, and dancing in joy,
I too now eagerly enter into the tantalizing invitation
of the velvety stillness.

To absorb, reflect, shift shape,
rest my soles.

frank2-cheshvanFor just as the earth
wraps herself in fallen leaves and composting flowers,
in pine needles and fugitive nuts, tree's cast off clothing,
lying down to rest,

so too do I need pause, and tuck myself inwards.

that my native resources lie
within my own soil,


which in season needs enriching, replenishing,
and restoration.

You Who guides me to my place,
You in Whom my place lies,
succor me in this season of frost.

Grant me warm shelter
as I turn to You,
as I return to myself,


Photography Credits

First, second, and last photograph: Frank Dobrushken
Third photograph: Leonid Rozenfeld