The Moon of Kislev



Your soul yearns for tending
in this time of deepest night, 
and calls upon the name of God,


I Who sculpt caves deep within the earth,
  Who soothes the ocean's waters,
    I come to you this Moon of Kislev
      to teach you of true power.

Kislev nestles on the edge of winter, month in the Land where rains sweep across the face of the earth,
  soft green thistles wave in the wind, and harvests of oranges blend with stories
     of courage and miracles, fear and wonders.

I Who sprinkles the stars throughout the heavens,
  Who holds the planets in place,
    I come to teach you of the many forms of strength.

Strength of muscle and of voice, of coppers and of spirit,
  strength of action and of stillness, of struggle and of release,
    strength of laughter and strength of tears,
      strength in daily living, and
        moment to moment choosing life.


I Who spreads the sun's rays each morning,
   Who paints the clouds with light,
     I come to instruct you of the many forms of might.

Might of position and of person, might of gold and of presence, 
  might of speaking and of listening, might of confidence and of humility, 
    might of compassion and of truthtelling, 
     might in daily living, and moment to moment 
       walking with faith.


I stand with You.
  Grant you continued vigor.



That you might more deeply find your power
    use it
      once uncovered,
        with Wisdom.




In this Moon of Kislev, I shall gird you...
  I Who am your strength and shield, 




Photography credits

First and last photograph: Alon Kvashny
Second photograph: Kathy Berendt