The Moon of Nisan (March-April)


As the light grows, you feel a longing within for wider place... 
so you 
call upon HaGoel...
 One Who unlocks your gates...


HaGoel,  You Who let loose that which lies bound...
   Spring is arriving...
     the Negev sways in emerald green grasses,
     the Golan shimmers with rainbows of wildflowers,
     songs of doves fill the air,
     the orchards blossom with flowers of apples, plums, and apricots...

And just as earth rises in a cacophony of music,
  so You call to me to join into this cosmic dance...
    to emerge
    to my native destiny.


Each year of my life
at this time in the spring,
I see how narrowed I've become...

Each year of my life
at this time in the spring,
I long for release
from the constraints
of my own making...

Each year of my life
at this time in the spring,
my soul longs
to truly be free...


let me go...
   like a bird from her cage.
 Fly out
   from that which holds me captive,
     imprisons my spirit
     confines me...

HaGoel, help me,
  for these forces do not timidly release.

Spread Your hand and guide me forth....
   accompany me to my Red Sea...
   help me make the waters part.

And may the narrowness that pursues me,
  that seeks to capture me and force my return,
    be covered over and stilled, by the red, red waters. 

HaGoel, You Who save...
  be my pillar of cloud by day...
    my pillar of fire by night.



Help me
to emerge
with radiance.




My deliverer...
  just as the storks in Nisan 
   stop and rest in the fields on their flight to the north,
     harbingers of birth...
  so too may You midwife
   my soul yet again into life.

You Who opens my way...
  You Who my way opens,


Photography Credits

First photograph: Kathy Berendt
Second photograph: Leonid Rozenfeld
Third photograph: Frank Dobrusken