The Moon of Sivan (May-June)


Imagine opening your arms with trust and power and grace,
and c
Yedid Nefesh,part of my soul,
come dance with me this moon....



  I walk
  in Sivan,
  time of the 
  first ripe grapes in the Land.

  When mountains once tumbling with green grasses 
  now lie golden,
  dried from the heat of sun.


  If you look closely, you can see the shadows on the hillsides.
  Of pilgrims on route to Jerusalem,
  bearing baskets on their shoulders
  filled with their first-fruits.

 If you're very patient, you can see them.
 Streaming across the valleys, moving towards the Temple, even now.




In the moon of Sivan
fish retreat to deeper waters,
showing us the way to go.

It's time,
to go to
my deeper waters.



To meet You Who delivers me from oppression,
aiding me leave narrow places.

Who brings me to wild places and tends me there
Uncovering food, revealing wells, caring for me. 
Nursing me back to life.

for me to learn of Spirit, 
in my time.

And now, in this moon of Sivan, time of bringing offerings;
the golds of wheat and the pearls of barley,
plump black figs and lusty rosy pomegranates,
garlicky green olives and thick brown dates oozing with honey,
large, sensuous and juicy,
I bring my ripened soul, grown deep and wide,
lush and open and full
from all the places I've traveled.

Now, in this moon, I ready.
To enter under the wedding canopy.

And as the hollyhocks blossom
and the spicy blooms of thyme scent the air,


and thistles in blue flower shower the hillsides,
and songs of the turtledoves fill the sky,

I'm joined in celebration
by all the creatures, all the fruits of the earth,
by the opening of all the levels of my soul.


So Yedid Nefesh,
Beloved One of soul,
come and dance with me,
beneath this Sivan Moon.



Photography Credits

First photograph: Frank Dobrushken
Second photograph: Leonid Rozenfeld
Third photograph: Alon Kvashny