The Moon of Tevet (December-January)


You stand at a powerful threshold.
Parts of self dying and parts about to be freshly born.
And you call upon the name of God,


You Who delivered me into life,
You Who travels alongside me.
I stand with You now,
all my candles aflame.

We stand together,
a pillar of fire,
burning in the darkness,
in this moon of endings,
and beginnings.



HaRachaman, You Who tend me lovingly,
You Who catch me when I fall,
and Who helps me
rise again.

In this moon when I know light is returning, but I can't yet see it's traces,
in this moon where night yet reigns,
I tread a walk
of faith.

My eyes open, my arms extended,
the journey of life itself.

kathy2-tevetHaRahaman, You Who hold me close, You Who rallies by my side, 
Who guides me to safety,

I enter this moon of water,
when earth and sky meet in embrace,
when the rains come down
deeply drenching the Land,
soaking the seeds,
washing the trees roots,
refilling the wadis,
the caverns overflowing once again with song.

I descend into the soft darkness of Tevet,
and let her teachings and magic
play upon my soul.


Shaping it, wet mud from the rains, 
stuff of life, 
messy, rich, with lives gone by.

Decaying plant leaves and small white animal bones slip together,
creating clay from which
to sculpt my life anew.

HaRachaman, You Who watch out for me,
You Who want me to be all that I can be,

in this moon of Tevet, there is quiet space with room enough,
space and quiet enough, deep and full enough,
to hold all of who I am.

The parts seen,
as well as those trying
to reveal themselves.

This my soul needs,
just as the cisterns,
which now fill up again with heavy rains.
Relief of water.
Filling up,
filling up,
filling up again my dry places.

So may I emerge from this moon of night, from the depths,
with new life.



Kindle all my flames.
Free me from the shadows.

That I might offer up my abundance.

That I might adorn Your world
with radiance.

Be with me HaRachaman ,
and aid me. 

You Who walk beside me in my days.
You Who protect me in my nights.



Photography credits

All photographs by Kathy Berendt