Introduction to Moorings, Grief Newsletters for Jewish Bereaved

Rooting yourself as you walk in grief

No matter how much you know about grief,
no matter how many times you've walked as mourner,
each time a loss occurs,

vh_38 there you are,  again.

Heart ripped open, the road of mourning stretching before you.

It can help to lean up against something for a while,
take some moments periodically to slow down and reflect,

before pushing onward once more.

Now is a time to walk gently, 
hang on tightly,
and at the same time, occasionally, 
to loosen your grip.

And may these Moorings hold you for a while
when your moorings
are gone.

This material comes

from having personally suffered losses, doing grief work, 
training therapeutically, and having contact with over six hundred people mourning each year
as Bereavement Coordinator of Hospice of Seattle and at Lions Gate Palliative Care Ward in North Vancouver.

These come from speaking on the phone, meeting with individuals and families,
leading young adult, parental loss, young spousal loss, older spousal loss and mixed-losses grief groups,
as well as being part of special teams working with children's and adults loss-of-children groups.

These come from teaching as core instructor in a Palliative Care Training Program for health care professionals,
facilitating workshops with hospital teams, private therapeutic practice, and hearing many, many stories.
All this echoes in these pages.

Photographic Credit: Frank Dobrushken