Preparing to Enter Shabbat

I bring to a close this week of my life.

Of being in the world,

Forgive me
for the ways I missed the mark,
for the ways I got off track.

Help me to release concerns,worries, and fears.
To let go of all that's unfinished.
To put it away.

Help me to close this week in peace.
To turn now and move into holy time and space.

As I enter into Shabbas, may I
refresh my spirit,  renew my soul,

  fill and

May I deepen my relations
with dear ones, the created world, with You.
And taste the sweetness
of this world, and
of the world to come.

Open my heart
that I might shine
with Shabbas light.

Open my soul
that I may welcome
and receive my Neshama Yetirah.*

May I walk in peace,
and light,
and gladness.


*Additional soul: tradition teaches that for 24 hours, for Shabbat, we receive an additional soul,
lending intensity and heightening all our experiences on Shabbat..