Rosh Chodesh Closing Ritual

The moon sheds her light
like a robe.
She moves into the shadows.
The shadows,
where it is still, quiet.
It’s there she finds rest.

A space to renew.
A place to come home to.
It’s there she washes her weary feet
drawn from the tides warm evening waters.
It’s there she sings love songs to the stars
which echoes in, and nourishes her soul.
In the dark
she returns
to herself 
once more.

So we too return to ourselves once again.
We become whole once more
and feel our light within, flicker, and rise, and dance.
Our flame which burns and reaches upwards and beyond,
longing, yearning for union
with the One Who Spoke
and the world came into being.

We celebrate our having been shaped as a woman.
We praise HaMakom for our curves
and our cycles,
for our warmth and for our fire.
We praise HaMakom for enabling us to give birth to
to be able to form newness
to release uncontrollability, wildness, and freedom
into the world.

We who are made of earth and heaven, body and spirit,
we who are filled with water,
so as to merge with the world
and simultaneously,
with flame,
which lights our soul with fire,
we praise You
for breathing into us
the breath of life.

Praised are You, Holy One, Who has made me a woman.

Praised are You, Holy One,
Who sculpts the moon and sprinkles the stars above,
Who shapes the world, and life, and time.
Who plants wonder in the world each day.
Who wipes our brow when we are weary and
gives us drink when we are dry.
Who lights our soul with dance and hope.
Who blows upon the flame within us,
and delights in our glow.