Rosh Chodesh Opening Ritual

Like the moon, we shed our layers.
Leave them at the door.
We who care-take life.
We who are healers.
We who are doers.
We who mother
the world.

It’s time for us.
This time is for us.
We step inside this circle and make space within for ourselves
to be.

The moon now glides towards darkness,
towards rest.
She retreats
in order to emerge whole.
She quiets
in order to fill night with light.

So too shall we make a space for ourselves.
A space of renewal.
So we who nourish life
can emerge as does the moon,
bearing our light,
our touch,
to better repair our world.

Like the melting of ice
the moons boundaries slowly fade.
She merges with sky and air and stars, and
sings her night songs sweetly.

So too we make this space, a space away.
A time to come home to ourselves
and speak of our journeys, and tell our stories,
and stretch, and laugh, and join together
and repair ourselves
as does the moon.

She sings songs of praise to the One Who shaped her.
She dances joy, gratefulness,
for the gift of life to the One Who sculpted her.

So too do we sing our songs.
So too do we give voice
So too do we rise in joy
at our being in this world, at our being in life,
for our blessings to the One Who shaped us.

And so we ready
to make a special place for ourselves
to let down that which separates us,
to make a space for us

To celebrate and to give voice to the shadows,
to laugh and to cry,
to share and to listen,
to make sense out of confusion, and to be still in the not knowing
to grow and to be quiet
to weave and to mend, to repair and
to restore life.