Shabbat Morning Prayer

As I enter this day of Shabbas,
I open my body, my heart and my soul,
and celebrate this time.

Affirming the beauty and goodness
that lies in this world, and
in the spiritual pathways of my tradition.

Mah Tovu
Mah Tovu Ohalecha Yaakov Mishk'notecha Yisrael

What goodness lies in Your tents Jacob, in your dwelling places, Israel!

Pesukei DeZimra
Your wonders,
earth and sky,
creatures and tides,
seasons and cycles,
intricacy of leaf and web,
soft changes of growth, the swirls of movement,
of aliveness that pulse throughout the universe,
all sing
to Your loving attention and care.

I open my eyes this Shabbas morning,
and take time to see and delight
in Your wonders,
which surround me,
which lie within me.
All the patterns and forms,
the diversity and majesty.

All Your miracles and mysteries
here each instant,
touch and light my soul.

Each of Your creations glow with Your passion.

You are the One to Whom the silken web of countless patterns
woven throughout all life
Present always,
shimmering with aliveness.

On this Shabbas morning I reach to You and celebrate
the myriad of ways You show Yourself
in my life and in the world.

So with all that I have,
as instrument, I raise my voice in song, in praise,
to You.

Haleluyah, Halalu El B'Kadsho, Haleluhu Birkia Uzo.
Halaluhu B'G'vurotav Halaluhu K'Rov Gudlo.
Halaluhu B'Teka Shofar, Halaluhu B'Nevel V'Chinor.
Halaluhu B'Tof U'Machol, Halaluhu B'Minim V'Ugav.
Halaluhu B'Tziltz'lei-Shama, Halaluhu B'Tziltz'lei Teruah.
Kol Ha'N'shemah T'Haleil Yah, Halaluyah.

Praises to You!
Praise in Your holy place; Praises lift to lofty heights.
Praise for Your Power, for Your Might.
Praise with the horn and praise with harp and lyre.
Praise with timbrel and dance, praise with stringed instruments and pipe.
Praise with clear-voiced cymbals, and praise with loud crashing chimes.
All souls lift their voices and join together in praise.
Praise to You!

Baruch She-Amar
Behold, I now prepare myself,
to give thanks, to give praise, and to celebrate You, my Creator.

Blessings to You Who Speaks,
and the World comes into being,
Blessed One.
Blessings to You, Maker of Bereshit,
Who says and does,
Who affirms and establishes.
Blessings to You Who compassionately tends the earth.
Blessings to You Who compassionately cares for all creatures,
Who bestows wonders upon those open and awe-filled.
Blessings to You, Alive, all moments, always present,
Blessings to You Who holds and saves,
Blessings, Blessings to You.

Baruch SheAmar V'Hayah HaOlam, Baruch Hu.
Baruch Oseh V'Reishit, Baruch Omer V'Oseh, Baruch Gozer V'M'Kayem.
Baruch M'Rachem Al HaAretz, Baruch M'Rachem Al HaB'riyot;
Baruch M'Shaleim Sacar Tov L'reiav, Baruch Chai Laad V'Kayam LaNetzach.
Baruch Podeh U'Matzil, Baruch Shemo.

I lift my heart up to You in gratitude
for Your Presence in my life.
For all the miracles You have graced me with day by day.

Ehiyeh Asher Ehiyeh, You spoke in the wilderness
as the burning bush shimmered with flame.
So too You continue to speak,
Comforter, Healer, boundlessly flowing with love,
ever close.

Earth and sky lift voice in song to You,
My soul joins in.
We call to You,
'Come close to us and be with us this day.'

All the angels and creations rise up.
All the letters fly and glimmer.
All the sounds possible to speak
gather together to sing to You.
Who graces, embraces, and sustains us all.

Nishmat Kol Chai
Nishmat Kol Chai Tivarech Et Shimcha, Adonai Eloheinu.

The souls of all that live bless You, Holy One.
Were our mouths filled with song as the sea, and
our tongues ringing with praise as the roaring waves, and
our eyes sparkling like the sun and the moon, and
our hands spread out in prayer as the eagles of the sky, and
our feet as swift as the deer,
we would still be unable to give thanks to You, our God and God of our ancestors, and
to bless You for even a portion of the gifts You have graced our ancestors and us.

Therefore with the limbs You have granted us, with
the spirit and soul You planted within us,
the tongue which You placed into our mouths,
they shall thank, bless, praise, honor You, Our Maker,
As David sang
Barchi Nafshi Et Adonai, V'Chol Krovi Et Shem Kadsho.
Blessings to You from my soul, all that is within me blesses You my God.

Shochein Ad Marom V'Kadosh Shemo. V'Chatuv Rananu Tzadikim BaAdonai,
LaYe'sharim Navah T'Hilah.
B'fi Ye'Sharim TitHalal U'V'Divrei Tzadikim TitKadash,  U'viLshon Chasidim TitRomom,
U'vKerev K'doshim Tit'Kadash. U'vamakhalot Rivavot Amcha Beit Yisrael.

So You dwell,
sacred is Your Name, as it is written,
"Rejoice in the Holy One!Those striving to be righteous, upright, shall sing praise!'
Through the mouths of those who seek You shall ring praise, blessings, extolling, hallowing You.
In the houses of Israel, joyous song to You!

Yishtabach Shimcha La'ad Malcheinu,
Praises to You, our Maker,
Holy, shining through the entire universe.
To You comes songs and praises,
blessings and thanks,
from this moment and beyond all time.

Blessings to You, Creator, Life of the Universe,
garbed in our gratitude, wrapped in wonders,
Who delights in songs of spirit,
Source, Sustainer, Life of all Worlds.
Baruch Atah Adonai, El Melech Gadol BaTishbachot,
El HaHodaot, Adon HaNiflaot, HaBocher B'Shirei Zimrah,
Melech El Chei HaOlamim.

Shema UBerchotecha
Open my heart, Open my soul,
that I may be filled with Your light.

Yotzeir Or
Blessings to You my God, Source of the world,
Who forms light and Who creates darkness,
Who makes peace and creates all.

Unfastening each day the doors of the eastern gates,
You cleave open the windows of the sky
bringing forth the sun from her place and
the moon from her space of rest.
With Rachamim You shed Light on the world and upon those who dwell upon her.
With lovingkindness You cause light to shine.
From Your fount of goodness You renew each day, the act of creation.

Source of the Universe, from Your well of care,
draw up compassion for me,
Source of my strength, Rock of my stronghold,
my Shield, my Supporter, My Protector.

None is like You my God in this world nor in the world to come.
None is besides You, One Who saves, and
none resembles You, my Deliverer.

El Adon Al Kol HaMaasim, Baruch U'mVorach B'fi Kol N'shamah,
Gadlo V'Tuvo Malei Olam, Daat U'Tevunah Sovavim Oto.
HaMitgaeh Al Chayot HaKodesh V'Nehdar B'Chavod Al HaMerchavah,
Zachut U'Mishor L'fnei Chiso, Chesed V'Rachamim
Lifnei Ch'vodo.

Tovim M'Orot SheBara Eloheinu, Y'tzaram B'Daat B'Vinah U'V'Haskel,
Koach U'G'vurah Natan Bahem, L'hyot Moshlim B'Kerev Tevel.
M'leim Ziv U'M'fikim Nogah, Naeh Zivam B'chol HaOlam.
S'meichim B'Tzeitam V'Sasim B'Voam, Osim B'Eimah Ratzon Konam.
P'eir V'Chavod Notnim L'Shmo, Tzahalah V'Rinah L'Zecher Malchuto.
Kara L'Shemech V'Yizrach Or, Raah V'Hiskin Tzurat Halvanah.
Shevach Notnim Lo, Kol Tzva Marom, Tiferet U'G'dulah,
S'rafim V'Ofanim V'Chayot HaKodesh.

God, Master over all created,
blessings to You from the lips of each soul.

Your greatness and goodness fills the world,
Daat and Tevunah surround You.
Exalted over the holy creatures adorned in glory upon the Chariot,
Righteousness and Uprightness stand before Your Seat,
Lovingkindness and Compassion come before Your Glory.

Good are the lights which You created,
crafted with Daat, Binah and Haskel.
You placed within them energy and power
that they might rule over the earth.
Filled with splendor, radiating brightness,
beautiful, they shine throughout the universe.
Glad as they leave and joyful as they come,
they reverently do the will of their Creator.

Glory and honor they give to Your Name,
brilliance and exultation, reminding of Your Rule.
Calling to the sun, she casts her light,
seeing and regulating the forms of the moon.

Praise to You from all the hosts of high,
Tiferet, Gedulah,
Serafim, Ofphanim and Chayot HaKadosh.

You Who rests from all Your works on the seventh day,
sitting on Your Throne of Glory.
With Tiferet You crowned the day of rest,
'a delight' You called the day of Sabbath.

This is an ode to the seventh day.
For on it You rested from Your work.
The seventh day herself praises and says:
"Sing a song for the day of rest! Good it is to give thanks to God!"

Your name is sacred and Your honor praised,
in the heavens above and on the earth below.
Blessings to You my Delieverer, for the beauty of the work of Your hands
and for the rays of light which You made,
which praise You.

May a new Light shine upon Zion,
and upon all the world, and
may we soon merit to see its light.
Blessings to You, Shaper of the Lights.

Or Chadash Al Tzion Taeir V'Nizceh Chulanu M'heirah L'Oro
Baruch Atah Adonai, Yotzeir Ha'M'orot.

Open my heart, open my soul,
that I may feel the warmth of Your loving.
And through Your love may You guide me
to Light and Life this Shabbas day.

Ahavah Rabbah
With overflowing Love do You love me my God.
With deep and abundant compassion
do You reach for me, my Source.
For the sake of my ancestors who trusted in You and
whom You taught the wisdoms of life, so too grace and teach me.

Compassionate One, flowing with tender loving,
have mercy upon me and
open my heart,
to understand and to discern,
to hear and to learn,
to do and be mindful and
and through the wellsprings of love,
to live and embody the teachings of Torah.

Fill my eyes with Torah's light.
Open my heart that she might cleave to Your mitzvot.
May the wonder of You touch and unite my soul.
By this path I will never know shame, for in You do I trust.
From Your care and aid I know rejoicing and joy.

Gather us in peace from the four corners of the earth, and
lead us upright to our Land, One Who does amazing deeds.
Draw us near to You from all peoples and tongues,
that we might through love join with You.

Blessings to You,
Who enables me to come close,
to join with You
in love.

Ahavah Rabbah Ahavtanu, Adonai Eloheinu,
Chemlah G'dolah V'terah Chamalta Aleinu.
Avinu Malkeinu, Baavur Avoteinu, Shebatchu V'cha Vat'lamdeim Chukei Hayim,
Ken T'chaneinu U'T'Lamdeinu. Avinu Ha'Av HaRahaman, Ham'Racham
Rachim Aleinu,
V'Ten B'Leibeinu L'Havin, U'LHaskil Lismoa, Lilmod U'L'lamed Lishmor V'Laasot U'l'Kayeim Et Kol Diverei Talmud Toratecha B'Ahavah.
V'Haeir Eineinu B'Torahtecha V'Dabek Libeinu B'Mitzvotecha V'Yached L'Vaveinu L'Ahavah U'Lirah Et Sh'mecha.
V'Lo Neivosh L'Olam Vaed. 
Ki V'Shem Kad'shecha HaGadol V'HaNora Batachnu. Nagilah V'Nismecha, BiShuahtecha.

Baruch Atah Adonai HaBoheir B'Amo Israel B'Ahavah.

I now move

Shema Yisrael Adonai Eloheinu Adonai Ehad.
Adonai, God,

Baruch Shem Kavod Malchuto L'Olam V'ed

Blessings to You.
May You Rule,

Love Me
with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your might.
Let these words which I speak to you this day be upon your heart.

Teach them to your children.
Speak of them
when you sit in your house, when you walk by the way,
when you lie down, and when you rise up.
Bind them as a sign upon your hand.
Let them be as frontlets between your eyes.
Inscribe them upon the doorposts of your house
and upon your gates.

V'Ahavta Et Adonai Eloheicha, B'chol L'vavcha, U'v'chol Nefshecha U'Ve'Kol M'odecha.
V'Hayu HaD'varim HeEleh Asher Anochi M'Tzavcha HaYom Al L'vavecha.
V'Shinantan L'vanecha V'Dibarta Bam, B'Shivtecha B'vetecha U'Ve'lechtecha Vaderech U'VShachb'cha U'V'kumecha. U'K'Shartem L'Ot Al Yadecha, V'Hayu L'totfot Bein Eineicha.
U'Ch'tavtem Al M'zuzot Beitecha U'Visharecha.

V'Haya Im Shamoah
Listen carefully to My mitzvot.

Love Me.
Serve with all your heart, with your deepest soul.
Then I will give rain to your land in its season,
the autumn rains and the spring rains, and
you will gather your grain, your wine, and your oil.
There will be grass in your field for your cattle, and
you shall eat and be sated.

Be mindful,
lest your heart be deceived,
and you turn and serve other gods, bowing down to them.
Then the skies shall shut up, the rains will not fall,
the earth will not yield her abundance, and
you shall quickly perish
from the good earth which I gave to you.

Place these words upon your heart and upon your soul.
Bind them as a sign upon your hands and
let them be for frontlets between your eyes.
Teach them to your children, speaking of them
in your sitting in your home and walking by the way,
in your lying down and rising up.
Write them upon the mezuzot of your house and upon your gates.
That your days and the days of your children
may be many upon the Land
which I promised to your ancestors
to give you
as long as the heavens are over the earth.

Make tzitzit on the corners of your garments
throughout your generations.
Place in them a blue thread.
So when when you see it, you'll remember My Teachings
and do them.
Do not turn after your hearts and your eyes, after that which you long for.
Rather, remember and follow My instructions.
Through these you'll know
sacredness, coming close to Me.

I am your God
Who brought you from the land of Egypt
to be your God.
I am your God.

Ezrat Avoteinu
You've been the help of my ancestors,
Shield and Aid to their children in every generation.
In the core of the universe You dwell,
Your Justice and Righteousness flow to the ends of the earth.
Deep gladness fills the one who hears Your teachings, and
places Your Torah upon their heart.

From Egypt You redeemed my people,
from the house of slavery You delivered them.
Amidst deaths of the first borns You redeemed them,
splitting the Red Sea enabling them to pass through.
Her waters covered their pursuers,
not one of them remained.

My ancestors lifted voice,
singing hymns, songs, praises, blessings and giving thanks to You,
Who causes the proud to fall and raises up the lowly,
Who brings out the captives and frees the poor,
Who returns for the oppressed and answers those who cry out.
Praises, Blessings to You.

Moses and the children of Israel filled with awe sang,
"Who is like You among the spirits God,
Who is like You?
Glorious, Holy, Awesome,
Doing wonders?"

Mosheh U'V'nei Yisrael, L'cha Anu Shirah B'Simchah Rabah V'Amru Chulam,
Mi Chamocha BaEilim Adonai? Mi Kamocha Ne'dar BaKodesh?
Nora T'hilot Oseh Fele.
Shirah Chadasha, Shib'chu G'ulim L'Shimcha Al S'fat HaYam.
Yachad Kulam Hodu V'hiMlichu V'Am'ru:
Adonai Yimloch L'Olam Va'Ed!

On the shores of the sea, all joined in thanks to You
singing, "You shall forever, always be."

Rock of Israel,
Rise up in our aid,
redeeming Judah and Israel, and
Deliver us, Sacred One.
Blessings to You, Redeemer of Israel,
and all who are  in need of redemption.

Tzur Yisrael, Kumah B'Ezrat Israel, U'F'deih Chin'um'cha Y'hudah V'Yisrael.
Goaleinu Adonai Tz'vaot Sh'mo, K'dosh Yisrael.
Baruch Atah Adonai, Ga'al Yisrael.

Adonai S'fatai Tiftach U'Fi Yagid T'hilatecha
Adonai, Open my lips
that my mouth may sing Your praise.

Blessings to You my God, God of my ancestors,
God of Abraham, God of Isaac, and God of Jacob,
God of Sarah, God of Rebecca, God of Leah and God of Rachel,
Great, powerful, awesome,
bestowing kindnesses, Holder of all.
Who remembers the compassionate deeds of our ancestors,
and from the wellsprings of love aids us, their children's children.
Powerful One, helper, liberator, defender,
Blessings to You,
Shielder of Abraham, Protector of Sarah.

Baruch Atah Adonai, Eloheinu Velohei Avoteinu V'Emoteinu,
Elohei Avraham, Elohei Yitzchak, V'Elohei Yaakov,
Elohei Sarah, Elohei Rikvah, Elohei Leah, V'Elohei Rachel.
HaEl HaGadol HaGibor V'HaNora, El Elyon, Gomeil Chasadim Tovim,
V'Koneh HaKol, V'Zocheir Chasdei Avot V'Eimachot,
U'Meivi Goel Livnei V'neihem L'maan Sh'mo B'Ahavah.
Melech Ozer UMoshea UMagein, Baruch Atah Adonai, Magein Avraham V'Ezrat Sarah.

Powerful One,
Ever constantly breathing life into the dead,
Great Revivor,
(from Shemini Atzeret and Pesach: causing the wind to blow and rain to fall.)
from Pesach to Shemini Atzeret: causing the dew to fall.)
Nourishing life compassionately.

With overflowing tenderness
You infuse dead places with life,
supporting those who have fallen,
healing those ill,
releasing the bound,
Faithfully connected with those who sleep in the dust.
Who is like You, One Who transcends strength itself?
Who can even come close to You, Powerful One
Who guides us both out of and into life,
Who causes unseen sources of help to spring up,
Who unceasingly folds life into dead places?
Blessings to You,
Sower of Life into the dead.

Atah Gibor L'Olam Adonai, M'Chayeih Meiteim Atah Rav L'HoShea.
Mashev HaRuach U'Morid HaGashem ( After Simchat Torah-Eve of Pesach)
Morid Ha'Tal (Pesach to Simchat Torah)

M'Chalkeil Chayim B'Chesed, M'Chayeih Meitim B'Rachamim Rabim.
Someich Noflim, V'Rofei Cholim, U'Matir Ahsurim,
U'M'Kayeim Ehmunahto Li'Shenei Afar.
Mi Chamocha, Baal G'vurot, U'Mi Domeh Lach?
Melech Meimit Um'Chayeh U'Matzmiach Y'shuah?
V'Neeman Atah L'Hachayot Meitim,
Baruch Atah Adonai, M'Chayeih HaMeitim.

Kedushat HaShem
Filled with awe we join with those beings in other realms,
who calling to one another chant,
"Holy, Holy, Holy are You!
Filling the world with Your glory!"

With one voice, with great rushing of sound, splendid, strong,
heard throughout worlds, the Holy Beings lifting towards the Seraphim call,
"Blessed is Your glory from Your abode."

Oh Powerful One, from Your place appear, and
Shine out and guide us,
for we need and wait for You.
When shall You reign in Zion?
May it be soon, in our days, and forever may You there dwell.
Throughout all time and all generations
may Jerusalem, Your city, be infused with holiness.
Open our eyes that we may see You.
As David sweetly sang from the depths of his soul,
"Rule over us, Beloved One, always, throughout all generations,
Our praises fly to You."

Throughout time we shall speak of your wonders.
For time beyond time we will sing of Your Light.
Our mouths shall not cease from praising You, our Source,
for You are powerful, wondrous, beyond words.
Blessings to You, Holy One,
for You are holy, Your Name, holy, and Holy Beings praise you daily,
Our blessings to You, Holy One.

N'Kadeish Et Shimcha Ba'Olam K'Shem SheMakdishim Oto BiShmei Marom
KaKatuv Al Yad N'viecha V'Kara Zeh El Zeh V'Amar:

"Kadosh, Kadosh, Kadosh, Adonai Tz'vaot, M'lo Chol Ha'Aretz K'vodo"

Az B'Kol Ra'ash Gadol, Adir V'Chazak Mashmi'im Kol,
MitNaseim L'U'mat S'rafim L'Umatam Baruch Yomeiru,
"Baruch K'vod Adonai Mimkomo."

MiMkomcha Malkeinu Tofia, V'TiMloch Aleinu, Ki M'Chakim Anachnu Lach.
Matai TiMloch B'Tzion? B'Kariov B'Yameinu L'Olam Va'ed Tishkon.
TitGadal V'TitKadash, B'Toch Y'rushalayim Ir'cha, L'Dor VaDor, U'LNetzach N'tzachim.
V'Eineinu Tifeinah Malchutcha KaDavar HaAMur B'Shirei Uzecha Al Y'dei David M'Shiach Tzidkecha,
"Yimloch Adonai L'Olam, Elohaiyich Zion L'Dor Va'Dor, Halaluyah!"

L'Dor VaDor Nagid Gadlecha, U'lNetzach N'tzachim K'dushatcha Nakdish.
V'Shivchacha Eloheinu MiPinu Lo Yamush L'Olam Vaed.
Ki El Melech Gadol V'Kadosh Atah, Baruch Atah Adonai, HaEl HaKadosh.

Kiddushat HaYom
May we know the joy of Moses, content with his portion,
serving You faithfully, crowned with Tiferet,
as he stood with You on Mount Sinai,
as he descended, the two tablets of stone in his arms,
etched with the words, 'Be Guardians of Shabbat'
as it is written,
"Israel, treasure Shabbat.
Make her throughout time a symbol of our relation.
For she is a sign always between you and Me.
As I fashioned heaven and earth, six days,
she, the seventh, I carved as sacred space for rest and renewal.

From deep loving You gifted us Shabbat,
mindfully planting within her our legacy.
Seekers of the sacredness of the seventh day will be filled
and from deep goodness, celebrate.
You Who so love the seventh day,
shaped it as sacred space, calling it sweetest of days,
embedding within it memory of the very beginnings of Creation.

My Source, Source of my ancestors, Who desires my renewal,
Whose mitzvot enable me to experience holinesss,
Whose Torah enriches my portion,
Whose goodness fills me and
Whose aid gladdens my spirit.
Purify my heart that I may serve You.
Enable me through love and desire, Holy One,
to embrace Shabbat and drink from sacred time.
May I and Israel through whom Your name weaves,
rest and know deep nourishment.
Blessings to You, Who infuses Shabbat with holiness.

Eloheinu V'elohei Avoteinu, R'tzei Vimnuchateinu.
Kadsheinu B'Mitzvotecha, V'ten Chelkeinu B'Toratecha, SaBeinu M'Tuvvecha, V'Samcheinu BiShuatecha. V'Taher Libeinu L'Avdecha Be'Emet, V'Hanchileinu Adonai Eloheinu, B'Ahavah U'vratzon, Shabbat Kadshecha.
V'Yanuchu Vah Yisrael, M'Kadshei Sh'mecha, Baruch Atah Adonai, M'Kadeish HaShabbat.

May my prayers and those of all Israel be pleasing in Your sight,
and may You lovingly receive them.
And may my service and that of my people,
ever find favor before You.

From great compassion
enable us all to see Your return to Zion.
Blessings to You my God,
may Your Presence settle once more upon Zion.

Deep thanks to You my God, and God of my ancestors.
Rock of my life, Shield that saves me.
In every generation my people honor and praise You.
I give thanks to You.
For my life which is in Your hand.
For my soul which You tend.
For all the miracles which each day are with me.
For Your wonders and gifts there at all times,
morning, and
One of goodness, overflowing with compassion.
Loving Source, whose kindness never ceases.
In You my hope rests.
So I praise and exalt You,
while all living join me in endless gratitude.
Praises to You, my wellsprings, my aid.
To You comes my deepest thanks.

Birchat Kohanim
My God and God of my ancestors.
May the three-fold blessing
filtered through the cohanim now surround me.

May God bless you and watch over you.
May God's face shine upon you, shedding grace upon you.
May God gaze upon you and gift you peace.

Birchat Shalom
Grant peace, goodness, blessing,
grace, loving-kindness and compassion,
upon all Your people Israel.
Bless us all with Your Light.
For in Your Light You gifted us
Torah filled with life, a love of kindness, justice, blessing,
compassion, life and peace.
And may it be pleasing in Your eyes to bless Your people Israel.
At all times and every moment with Your peace.
Blessings to You,
Who blesses Your people Israel with peace.

Sim Shalom Tovah U'Vracha, Chen VaChesed V'Rachamim, Aleinu V'Al Kol Yisrael Amecha.
Baracheinu Avinu Kulanu K'Echad B'Or Panecha. Ki V'Or Panecha Natata Lanu Adonai Eloheinu
Torat Chayim, V'Ahavat Chesed, U'Tz'dakah, U'V'racha, V'Rachamim, V'Hayim, V'Shalom.
V'Tov B'Einecha L'Varech Et Amcha Yisrael, B'Chol Eit U'Vchol Sha'ah B'Shlomecha.
Baruch Atah Adonai Ham'Varech Et Amo Yisrael BaShalom.

May the words of my mouth and the reflections of my heart
come before You.
My Rock and My Redeemer.

Y'hiyu L'Ratzon Eimrei Fi V'Hegyon Libi L'fanecha. Adonai Tzuri V'Goali.

May You Who creates peace on High.
grant peace to us and to all Israel,
and to all the world.

Oseh Shalom Bimromav, Hu Yaaseh Shalom, Aleinu V'Al Kol Yisrael. V'Eimru, Amein.

Study of Torah

In You do I put my trust.
To You do I sing my praises.
May You open my heart to the light of Torah, and
may the wishes from my heart for all creatures be heard
for goodness, life, and peace.

Baruch Atah Adonai, Eloheinu Melech HaOlam, Asher Kidshanu B'Mitzvotav V'Tzivanu La'Asok B'Divrei Torah.

Blessings to You our God, Who enables us to experience holiness through Your mitzvot,
by immersing in words of Torah.

Torah Study

Birchat HaGomel:
For escaping serious danger 
from illness, childbirth, imprisonment, traveling over water, or perilous voyage.

Blessings to You my God, Source of the Universe.
Who graced me, when in need, with goodness and 
Who surrounds me through this very moment in time with goodness.
Baruch Atah Adonai, Eloheinu Melech HaOlam, HaGomeil L'Chayavim Tovot ShG'malani Kol Tov.

Community's response:
May the One Who gifted you with good,
continue always to gift you with good.

Mi SheG'malcha Kol Tov, Hu YiGmmalcha Kol Tov. Selah.

Blessing for those ill
May the One Who blessed our ancestors,
Avraham, Yizhak and Yaakov,
Sarah, Rivkah, Leah and Rachel,
bless and heal those struggling with illness.
Surround them with compassion,
so they recover and heal
Strengthen them and infuse them with life.
And swiftly send them complete healing, 
healing of soul and of body,
quickly, now, soon, and
let us say, Amen.

Individual silently:
Holy One
aid me heal.
With loving compassion, restore me.
Enable me to return to strength,
and be filled anew with life.
Quickly may You send a complete healing,
of body and mind, spirit and soul.

Mi SheBeirach Avoteinu V'Eimoteinu, Avraham, Yitzchak V'Yaakov, Sarah, Rikva, Leah V'Rachel, Hu Y'vareich Et HaCholim.HaKodesh Baruch Hu YeMalei Rachamim Aleichem L'Hachalimem, U'L'Rap'ottam L'HaChazikotam U'L'Hach'yotam Vyi'Sh'lach Lachem Bimheirah R'fuah Sh'leimah R'fuat HaNefesh U'R'fuat Haguf, Hashtah Baagala U'vizman Kariv.  V'Nomar Amein.


Blessing of the new month
May it be Your will my God and God of my ancestors
that you renew for me this month goodness and blessing.
May You grace me with long life.
A life of peace and of goodness.
A life of blessing and of sustenance.
A life of strong bones and holding awe of spirit.
A life without shame, diaster, or sin.
A life of weath and of honor.
A life which holds love of Torah and awe of the Holy.
Where the deep questions of my heart know response.

May You renew this month
life and peace,
joy and gladness,
aid and comfort.

Praise to the Maker of All.
Greatness to the Shaper of Creation.
Who did not make me as all people of all lands,
but Who gave me a different portion, a unique pathway.
I bend my knee and give thanks before You.
Core of All, Holy One.
Who shaped the heavens and
Who formed the foundations of the earth.
Who lives in the Vastness above and the Nearness within.
You alone are my God.
As Torah says:
"Know this day in your heart.
Your God, in the heavens above and in the earth below."

So I wait to see the beauty of Your glory.
And the passage of all that destroys from the earth.
as it is written,
"There shall be a time
when God shall be all.
On that day, all shall be One."

Aleinu L'Shabeiach La'Adon HaKol, LaTet G'dulah L'Yotzer B'Reishit,
SheLo Asanu K'Goyei HaAratzot V'Lo Samanu K'Mishp'chot HaAdamah.
ShLo Sam Chelkeinu Kahem V'Goraleinu K'Chol Hamonam

VaAnachnu Korim UMishtachavim U'Modim
Lifnei Melech Malchei Hamlachim HaKadosh Baruch Hu.

SheHu Noteh Shamayim V'Yosed Aretz, U'Moshav Y'karo BaShamayim MiMaal
U'Sh'chinat Uzo B'Gavhei M'romim
Hu Eloheinu Ein Od, Emet Malkeinu Ehfes Zulato.
KaKatuv, B'Torato "V'Yadata HaYom V'Hasheivota El L'vavechcha."
Ki Adonai Hu HaElohim BaShamayim MiMaal
V'Al HaAretz MiTachat Ein Od.

V'Neemar, V'Hayah Adonai L'Melech Al Kol HaAretz.
BaYom HaHu Yiyeh Adonai Echad. U'Sh'mo Echad.

Mourner (or with community)

YitGadal V'YitKadash Sh'emei Raba, B'Alma Di V'ra Chir'utei V'yaMlich Malchutei.
B'Chayeichon UV'Yomei'chon U'V'Chayei Di Chol Beit Yisrael, BaAgala U'ViZman Kariv, V'Imru, Amein.
Mourner and community:

Y'hei Sh'mei Raba M'varach L'Olam U'l'Almei Almaya
Mourner ( or with community)
YitBarach V'YiShtabach V'YitPa'ar V'YitRomam V'YitNasei V'YitHadar V'YitAleh V'YitHalal Sh'mei Di Kudsha.
Barich Hu. L'Eila Min Kol Birchata V'Shirata TuSh'b'chata V'Nechemata Di Amiran B'Alma, V'Eimru, Amein.
Community: Amein
Mourner (or with community):
Y'hei Sh'lama Raba Min Sh'maya V'Hayim, Aleinu V'Al Kol Yisrael, V'Eimru, Amein.
Community: Amein.
Mourner (or with community):
Oseh Shalom Bimromav Hu Yaaseh Shalom, Aleinu V'Al Kol Yisrael, V'Eimru, Amein
Community: Amein.

Great, Holy, Your Name sings through the world You created.
May Your radiance shine in my life and in the house of Israel,

Blessings always to Your great Name.

Blessings, praises, proclaimation, adulations,
Your holy name lives, is exalted and glorified
above all praises, songs, comforts in this world.

May great peace resound from heaven and
may there be life for us and all Israel.

And as the majestic peace You make on high,
so may You make deep peace for us,
for all Israel and all the world.