Weekday Morning Prayer

Pesukei D'zimra
Your cycles and seasons... the wonders of Your Creations...
   touch and open my soul...

With the birth of this new day, I reach to You....
   I open to Your Presence....
     to all the many ways you show Yourself....

Baruch SheAmar

Behold, I now prepare
  to give thanks, praise, honor, to You, my Creator.

Baruch SheAmar V'Hayah HaOlam, Baruch Hu.
Baruch Oseh V'Reishit, Baruch Omer V'Oseh, Baruch Gozer V'M'Kayem,
Baruch M'Rachem Al HaAretz, Baruch M'Rachem Al HaB'riyot;
Baruch M'Shaleim Sacar Tov L'reiav, Baruch Chai Laad V'Kayam LaNetzach,
Baruch Podeh U'Matzil, Baruch Shemo.

Blessings to You Who Speaks....and
   the world comes into being...
Blessed One, making Bereishit...
   speaking and doing, decreeing and fulfilling...

Blessings to You, Compassioning the earth...
Blessings to You, Compassioning all creatures...

Sprinkling gifts to those who walk in awe,
Shimmering each moment, Present....

Blessings to You... holding and saving,
Blessings, Blessings to You...

You have walked with me, through all my days...
   helping, sustaining, guiding me.
     I lift my heart up to You in gratitude
       for Your presence in my life...
         for all the miracles with which You grace me...
           and join with all the voices in Creation singing...

Yishtabach Shimcha Laad Malcheinu,
Praises to You, our Source...
  shining throughout heaven and earth...

To You comes our heartfelt songs and gratitude...
   from this moment and through all time...

Blessings to You, Wellspring of Wonders,
  Who nourishes life in all worlds.

Baruch Atah Adonai, El Melech Gadol Batishbachot
El HaHodaot, Adon HaNiflaot, HaBocher B'Shirei Zimrah
Melech El Chei HaOlamim.

Shema U'Birchotecha
Open my heart, Open my soul,
  that I might feel Your Light
    shine upon me...
      rise up from within me...

Yotzeir Or
Blessings to You my God, Creator of the Universe...
  Former of Light and Shaper of Darkness,
    Maker of peace... Source of All.

Who Compassionately shines Light
   upon earth and her dwellers...
and from goodness renews each day
   the act of creation...

How amazing are Your works...
   with Wisdom You made them all...

Source of our strength, Rock of our stronghold,
  Shield that saves us, Tower that surrounds us.
     Blessings to You...One of Wisdom,
       for the abundance of the works of Your hands and
         for the rays of light 
            which continually sing You praise.

  may Your radiance illuminate our world...

Blessings to You, Creator of the Lights.

Or Chadash Al Tzion Taeir V'Nizceh Chulanu M'heirah L'Oro
Baruch Atah Adonai, Yotzeir Ha'M'orot.

Open my heart, Open my soul,
   that I might feel Your love rise up all around me...
      and hold and embrace me this day...

Ahavah Rabbah
With over-flowing Love do You love me my God...
 with deep Rachamim, do You care for me....
   my fount, my Source...

For the sake of my ancestors
   who trusted in You and
      whom You taught the wisdoms of life...
         so too grace and teach me...

Holy One, open my heart...
   to understand and to discern,
     hear and to learn,
       attend and be mindful,
         and through the wellsprings of heart,
           to embody Your teachings...

For in You do I trust...

Gather us in peace from the four corners of the earth...
 from all peoples and tongues...

Blessings to You, Who lovingly
   draws us near... 

Ahavah Rabbah Ahavtanu, Adonai Eloheinu.
Chemlah G'dolah V'terah Chamalta Aleinu.
Avinu Malkeinu Baavur Avoteinu Shebatchu V'cha Va'T'lamdeim Chukei Hayim,
Ken T'Chaneinu U'T'Lamdeinu. Avinu Ha'Av HaRahaman, Ham'Racheim
Rachim Aleinu,
V'Ten B'Leibeinu L'Havin, U'LHaskil LiShmoa, LiLmod U'l'Lamed LiShmor V'la'Asot U'l'Kayeim Et Kol Diverei Talmud Toratecha B'Ahavah.
V'Haeir Eineinu B'Torahtecha V'Dabek Libeinu B'Mitzvotecha V'Yached L'Vaveinu L'Ahavah U'lYirah Sh'mecha
V'Lo Neivosh L'Olam Vaed. 
Ki V'Shem Kad'shecha HaGadol V'HaNora Batachnu. Nagilah V'Nismecha, Bi'shuahtecha.

Baruch Atah Adonai HaBoheir B'Amo Israel B'Ahavah.

Shema Yisrael Adonai Eloheinu Adonai Ehad
Listen Israel...
     Our Source

Baruch Shem Kavod L'Olam V'ed

Blessings to You forever and always

Love Me with all your heart, all your soul, with all your might...
  let these words enter your heart...

Teach them to your children...
   speak of them
     when you sit in your house, walk by the way,
        lie down, rise up...

Bind them as a sign upon your hand, be as frontlets between your eyes...
  inscribe them upon the mezuzot of your house, and on your gates...

V'Ahavta Et Adonai Eloheicha, B'Chol L'vavcha, U'v'Chol Nefshecha U'v'Chol M'odecha.
V'Hayu HaD'varim HaEleh Asher Anochi M'Tzavcha HaYom Al L'vavecha.
V'Shinantam L'Vanecha V'Dibarta Bam, B'Shivt'cha B'Vetecha U'v'Lecht'cha VaDerech U'v'Shachb'cha U'v'Kumecha; U'K'shartam L'Ot Al Yadecha, V'Hayu L'Totafot Bein Eineicha;
U'Ch'tavtam Al M'zuzot Beitecha U'vi'Sh'arecha.

V'Haya Im Shamoah
Listen carefully to My teachings...
  Love, Serve,
   with all your being, with your deepest soul...
     then the rains will come upon your land in its season...
        the autumn rains and the spring rains, and
           you shall gather your grain, your wine, and your oil...
     There will be grass in your field for your cattle,
         and you shall eat... and be satisfied...

Be mindful...lest your heart be deceived...
 and you turn and serve other gods, and bow down to them...
  then the skies shall shut up, the rains will not fall,
   the earth will not yield her abundance,
    and you shall quickly perish from upon the good earth which I gave to you...

Place these words upon your heart...
  bind them as a sign upon your hands, be for frontlets between your eyes...
    teach them to your children, speaking of them
       as you sit in your home, walk by the way, lie down and rise up...
  Write them upon the mezuzot of your home... and on your gates...

That your days and the days of your children may be many upon the land
   which I promised to your ancestors to give you
       as long as the heavens are over the earth.

Make tzitzit on the corners of your garments
throughout your generations.
Place in them a blue thread.
So when when you see it, you'll remember My teachings
and do them.

Do not turn after your hearts and your eyes, after that which you long for,
rather, remember and follow My teachings.

Through these you'll receive guidance, know
sacredness, come close to Me.

I am your God
Who brought you forth from the land of Egypt
to be your God.

I am your God.

Ezrat Avoteinu
You've been the help of my ancestors,
shield and aid to their children in every generation.

In the core of the universe is Your dwelling.
Your justice and righteousness flow to the ends of the earth.
Deep gladness fills the one who knows Your teachings, and
who's placed Your Torah upon their heart.

From Egypt You redeemed my people,
from the house of slavery You delivered them.
Amidst deaths of the first borns You redeemed them.
Spliting the Red Sea enabling them to pass through.
Her waters covered their pursuers,
not one of them remained.

My ancestors lifted voice,
singing hymns, songs, praises, blessings and giving thanks to You,
Who causes the proud to fall and raises up the lowly,
Who brings out the captives and frees the poor,
Who returns for the oppressed and answers those who cry out.
Praises, blessings to You.

Moses and the children of Israel filled with awe sang,
"Who is like You among the spirits, God,
Who is like You?
Glorious, Holy, Awesome,
Doing wonders?"

Mosheh U'V'nei Yisrael, L'cha Anu Shirah B'Simchah Rabah V'Amru Chulam,
Mi Chamocha BaEilim Adonai, Mi Kamocha Ne'dar BaKodesh
Nora T'hilot Oseh Fele
Shirah Chadasha Shib'chu G'ulim L'Shimcha Al S'fat HaYam
Yachad Kulam Hodu V'hiMlichu V'Am'ru,
Adonai Yimloch L'Olam Va'Ed

So on the shores of the sea, all joined in thanks to You
singing, "You shall forever, always be"

Oh Rock of Israel.. rise...
  and steadfastly hold, aid, and strengthen
   all in need this day...

Tzur Yisrael, Kumah B'Ezrat Israel, U'F'deih Chin'um'cha Y'hudah V'Yisrael.
Goaleinu Adonai Tz'vaot Sh'mo, K'dosh Yisrael.
Baruch Atah Adonai, Ga'al Yisrael.

Adonai S'fatai Tiftach U'Fi Yagid T'hilatecha
Holy One... open my lips...that my mouth may sing Your praise...

Blessings to You my God, God of my Ancestors...
  God of Abraham, God of Isaac, God of Jacob...
  God of Sarah, God of Rebecca, God of Leah and God of Rachel...
Great, Powerful, Awesome, Farseeing...
   bestowing kindness, Source of All...

Remember the compassionate deeds of my ancestors
  and aid us this day...
    Powerful One, Helper, Defender, Protector...
      Blessings to You, Shield of Abraham, Guardian of Sarah.

Baruch Atah Adonai, Eloheinu Velohei Avoteinu V'Emoteinu,
Elohei Avraham, Elohei Yitzchak, V'Elohei Yaakov
Elohei Sarah, Elohei Rikvah, Elohei Leah, V'Elohei Rachel,
HaEl HaGadol HaGibor V'HaNora, El Elyon, Gomeil Chasadim Tovim,
V'Koneh HaKol, V'Zocheir Chasdei Avot V'Eimachot,
U'Meivi Goel Livnei V'neihem L'maan Sh'mo B'Ahavah
Melech Ozer UMoshea UMagein, Baruch Atah Adonai Magein Avraham V'Ezrat Sarah.

You ever constantly go
  breathing life into the dead, Great Reviver...

  (from the day after Simchat Torah til the Eve of Pesach)    causing the wind to blow and the rain to fall....
  (from Pesach to Simchat Torah: )                                        causing the dew to fall...
      nourishing life compassionately...

With overflowing tenderness, You infuse dead places with life...
   healing the sick...releasing the bound...
      faithfully being with those who lie in dust...

Who is like You One of Who Strength?
Who can even come close to You, Powerful One...
  Who guides me both out of and into life...
     Who causes unseen sources of help to spring up...
        Who unceasingly folds life into dead places...
           Blessings to You, Sower of life into the dead.

Atah Gibor L'Olam Adonai, M'Chayeih Meiteim Atah Rav L'HoShea.
Mashev HaRuach U'Morid HaGashem ( After Simchat Torah-Eve of Pesach)
Morid Ha'Tal (Pesach to Simchat Torah)

M'Chalkeil Chayim B'Chesed, M'Chayeih Meitim B'Rachamim Rabim,
Someich Noflim, V'Rofei Cholim, U'Matir Ahsurim,
U'M'Kayeim Ehmunahto Li'Shenei Afar.
Mi Chamocha, Baal G'vurot, U'Mi Domeh Lach,
Melech Meimit Um'Chayeh U'Matzmiach Y'shuah.
V'Neeman Atah L'Hachayot Meitim.
Baruch Atah Adonai, M'Chayeih HaMeitim.

You gloriously shine through all...
   and so filled, I join voice with those in other realms singing...

  "Holy, Holy, Holy
    the whole universe glistens with Your Presence."

     "Blessings to You, from all places...."
        "Praises to You!"

Throughout eternity shall
   wonder, awe, and gratitude thread through us....
       Our blessings rise to You in this new day....
          To You....Shimmering with the sacred...

N'Kadeish Et Shimcha Ba'Olam K'Shem SheMakdishim Oto BiShmei Marom
KaKatuv Al Yad N'viecha V'Kara Zeh El Zeh V'Amar:

"Kadosh, Kadosh, Kadosh, Adonai Tz'vaot, M'lo Chol Ha'Aretz K'vodo"

L'Umatam Baruch Yomeiru: "Baruch K'vod Adonai Mimkomo."
v'Divrei Kadshecha Katuv Leimor: "Yimloch Adonai L'Olam, Elohaiyich Zion L'Dor Va'Dor Halaluyah."

L'Dor B'Dor Nagid Gadlecha U'lNetzach N'tzachim K'dushatcha Nakdish
V'Shivchacha Eloheinu MiPinu Lo Yamush L'Olam Vaed
Ki El Melech Gadol V'Kadosh Atah, Baruch Atah Adonai, HaEl HaKadosh.

My gratitude, for keeness of mind, for understandings gleaned...
   Grace us with knowledge, insight and wisdom.
      Blessings to You, Bestower of Vision...
Baruch Atah Adonai, Chonein HaDaat.

Help me to be truthful to myself, to be humble, and
   to move towards You...
     and so doing, draw us near...
        Blessings to You, Who delights in our Return.
Baruch Atah Adonai, HaRotzeh Bitshuvah.

Forgive my sins...
   Pardon our transgressions...
     You Who frees and releases....
Blessings to You, Who embraces us with forgiveness.
Baruch Atah Adonai, Chanun HaMarbeh LisLoach.

Look upon my anguish...
  Help us with our struggles...
    Blessings to You, Shepherd to all in need this day...
Baruch Atah Adonai, Goeil Yisrael.

Reach to me and aid me....
 Nurse our wounds....
    Blessings to You, Healer  of all who suffer...
Baruch Atah Adonai, Rofeh Cholei Amo Israel.

Birchat HaShanim
Bless the earth this year....
  (December 4th-Pesach: May she know the blessing of dew and rain)
      and may all be satiated and sustained from her produce...
         Blessings to You, Tender of Life...
Baruch Atah Adonai, M'Vareich HaShanim.

Sound the great horn of freedom...
  may exile end and all dispersed find home...
    Blessings to You, Gatherer of the scattered ones.
Baruch Atah Adonai, M'Kabeitz Nidchei Amo Yisrael.

Enable humble and compassionate leaders to rise...
  Remove grief and suffering...
    Blessings to You, Lover of justice...
Baruch Atah Adonai, Melech Oheiv Tzedakah U'Mishpat.

May there be no hope for hatred...
  May all viciousness disappear...all cruelty be uprooted...
    Blessings to You, Shatterer of evil, Humbler of the arrogant...
Baruch Atah Adonai, Shoveir Ov'y'vim V'Machniach Zeidim.

May all who act with honesty and integrity
  know deep reward...
    Blessings to You, Stay and Trust of those who strive to live righteously.
Baruch Atah Adonai, Mishan V'miVtach LaTzadikim.

Shalom Yerushalayim
With loving kindness return to Jerusalem...
   and shine forth from within her...
     Blessings to You Rekindler of Jerusalem.
Baruch Atah Adonai, Boneh Yerushalim.

Cause me soon to flower.
For I wait for Your deliverance all the day.
Blessings to You, Who enables me to flourish.
Baruch Atah Adonai, Mtzmiach Keren Y'shuah.

Shomeah Tefillot
Hear my voice my God.
Have mercy upon me and
accept my prayers.
Blessings to You, Who listens to prayer.
Baruch Atah Adonai, Shomea T'filah.

Receive in love my offerings and
may my service be acceptance to You.

Rosh Chodesh, Chol HaMoeh Pesach, Sukkot:
My God and God of my ancestors, may my offerings come before You.
Remember my ancestors and Your promise of Meshiach.
Bring deliverance and wellbeing, grace and loving-kindness,
mercy, life and peace on this day of,
the new moon
the feast of unleavened bread
the feast of Sukkot
Remember me my God this day for wellbeing.
Be mindful of me, bless me and bring me into life.
Be gracious to me and
have compassion upon me and aid me.
For I turn to You, Gracious and Compassionate One.

Through Rachamim may we see Your return to Zion.
Blessings to You,
may Your Presence settle once more upon Zion.
Baruch Atah Adonai, Hamachazir Sh'chinato L'Tzion.

I give thanks to You my God, and God of my ancestors,
Rock of my life, Shield that protects me.

For my life which You hold in Your hand,
for my soul which You tend,
for all the miracles, all Your wonders and gifts
which surround me at all times,
evening, morning, and noon.

One of goodness, Who overflows with compassion,
my loving Source, Whose kindnesses never cease,
I continually long for You.
All life gives thanks and praise to You.

Oh God, my Source and Aid, blessings to You,
Who ever flows with goodness and
to Whom I unceasingly give my thanks.
Baruch Atah Adonai, HaTov Shimcha U'Lcha Naeh L'Hodot.

Birchat Kohanim
I reach for the words of your priests blessings
as I move into this day.
May God bless you and watch over you,
may God shine and shed grace upon you,
may God gaze upon you and gift you with peace.

Birchat Shalom
Grant peace, goodness, blessing,
grace, loving-kindness and compassion,
upon all creation..
Bless us all with Your Light.

You gift me with teachings, loving,
justice, blessing, mercy, life and peace.

Bless my people and all on earth
at all times and in every moment with Your peace.

Blessings to You,
Who blesses Israel and all life
with peace.
Baruch Atah Adonai, Ham'varach Et Amo Yisrael BiShalom.

May the words of my mouth and the reflections of my heart
come before You,
My Rock and My Redeemer.

May You Who creates peace on High
grant peace to us and to all Israel
and to all the world.
Oseh Shalom Bimromav Hu Yaaseh Shalom Aleinu V'Al Kol Yisrael.
V'Imru Amein

Praise to You, Maker of All, Shaper of Creation...

Who did not make all people the same,
  but gave each their own routes....

I give thanks for the path that is mine...and
   bend my knee before You, Core of All...
       Who shaped the heavens and
         formed the earth,
     Who's in the vastness above, and the
        nearness within...

I now wait to see
   the passage of all that destroys from the earth...
     and the beauty of Your Glory rising...
       holding close Your words....

        There shall be a time when I shall be All...
          And one that day,
            all shall be

Aleinu L'Shabeiach La'Adon HaKol, LaTet G'dulah L'Yotzer B'Reishit,
SheLo Asanu K'Goyei HaAratzot V'Lo Samanu K'Mishp'chot HaAdamah.
ShLo Sam Chelkeinu Kahem V'Goraleinu K'Chol Hamonam

VaAnachnu Korim UMishtachavim U'Modim
Lifnei Melech Malchei Hamlachim HaKadosh Baruch Hu.

SheHu Noteh Shamayim V'Yosed Aretz, U'Moshav Y'karo BaShamayim MiMaal
U'Sh'chinat Uzo B'Gavhei M'romim
Hu Eloheinu Ein Od, Emet Malkeinu Ehfes Zulato.
KaKatuv, B'Torato "V'Yadata HaYom V'Hasheivota El L'vavechcha."
Ki Adonai Hu HaElohim BaShamayim MiMaal
V'Al HaAretz MiTachat Ein Od.

V'Neemar, V'Hayah Adonai L'Melech Al Kol HaAretz.
BaYom HaHu Yiyeh Adonai Echad. U'Sh'mo Echad.

Mourner (or with community)

YitGadal V'YitKadash Sh'emei Raba, B'Alma Di V'ra Chir'utei V'yaMlich Malchutei.
B'Chayeichon UV'Yomei'chon U'V'Chayei Di Chol Beit Yisrael, BaAgala U'ViZman Kariv, V'Imru, Amein.
Mourner and community:

Y'hei Sh'mei Raba M'varach L'Olam U'l'Almei Almaya
Mourner ( or with community)
YitBarach V'YiShtabach V'YitPa'ar V'YitRomam V'YitNasei V'YitHadar V'YitAleh V'YitHalal Sh'mei Di Kudsha.
Barich Hu. L'Eila Min Kol Birchata V'Shirata TuSh'b'chata V'Nechemata Di Amiran B'Alma, V'Eimru, Amein.
Community: Amein
Mourner (or with community):
Y'hei Sh'lama Raba Min Sh'maya V'Hayim, Aleinu V'Al Kol Yisrael, V'Eimru, Amein.
Community: Amein.
Mourner (or with community):
Oseh Shalom Bimromav Hu Yaaseh Shalom, Aleinu V'Al Kol Yisrael, V'Eimru, Amein
Community: Amein.

Great, Holy You sing throughout all Worlds....
   Shine in my life...and throughout the Universe
      quickly, soon...

With brilliance
   You glow over all praises, songs, comforts of this world...

Weaver of Peace...
   may Your peace now embrace us, and all Creation....
     filling us, lighting us, with