Psalm 19: For walking well

Your works, Your words, shimmer in this Universe.

They uplift and inspire me,
aid me walk well in this world.

The heavens tell of Your glory,
the firmament of the works of Your hands.

Day to day utters speech, night to night reveals knowledge.
Nothing is said, there are no words,
neither can voice be heard,
yet these go out to the whole earth, to the ends of the world.

You placed a tent for them in the house of the sun,
who like a bridegroom emerges from his wedding chambers,
rejoicing, like a warrior to run his course.
He goes forth from one side of the heavens,
and circuits to its end, nothing hidden from his heat.

Your Torah is perfect, restoring the soul.
Your testimony is true, making wise the simple.
Your precepts are wise, filling the heart with joy,
Your mitzvot are clear, giving light to the eyes.

Those who stand in awe of You, who walk in purity,
stand forever.

Your judgements are true, are altogether just.
More desired than fine gold are they,
sweeter than honey and honeycomb.

The one who stands as guardian of them knows great reward.

Keep me from hidden faults.
Stay my demons, may they not have dominion over me,
that I might be kept clear from transgressions.

May the utterances of my mouth,
and the meditations of my heart,
come before You,
My Rock and my help.