Psalm 40: Do not linger

I've waited for You for so long,
and You turned to me and heard my cry.

You brought me up from the tumultuous pit, from the miry clay,
and set my feet upon a rock,
placing a new song within my mouth.

Joyous is the one who trusts in You,
who does not turn to the arrogant and fall away.

Many things have You done.
Your wondrous actions, Your many thoughts of us,
are more than can be numbered.
None can compare to You.

Behold now I come
with a roll of book written for me.
I find strength from doing Your will,
Your Torah is deep within me.
I've spoken aloud for justice.
You know I do not refrain from speaking.

Do not withhold Your loving-kindness.
Let Your mercy and truth preserve me continually,
for numerous evils surround me.

My ways have overtaken me so I'm unable to see.
My heart has left me.

Please deliver me. Hurry and help me.
I stand poor and needy.

You are my help and my deliverer.
please, do not linger.