Psalm 44: Why do You sleep?

Why do You sleep, oh God?
Rouse Yourself, come near.
Why do You hide Your face from my pain?

For my soul is bowed down to the dust,
my belly cleaves the earth.

Rise, help me.
And from Your loving-kindness,
save me.

Psalm 69: Answer me

Save me God, for the waters have come up to my soul.
I'm sunk in deep mire, there's no place on which to stand.

I'm in the depths, the flood overwhelms me.
I'm weary from calling out,
my throat's dry, my eyes fail, from waiting for You.

Answer me, save me, don't let me sink into the mire.
Deliver me from the deep waters, don't let the flood overwhelm me,
the depths swallow me, nor the pit shut her mouth upon me.

Answer me, turn Your compassion towards me.
Don't hide Your face.

Draw near my soul, redeem me.

For I will praise Your name with song.
The humble shall hear it and be glad.
For You listen to those in need.

Heaven and earth praise You,
the seas and all that moves therein.