Psalm 107: Reflect and observe

You redeemed us from the hand of confinement,
from the lands of our scattering,
from east to west, from the north and to the sea.
We wandered in the wildness not finding an inhabited city.
Hungry and thirsty, our souls faint within us,
we cried to You from our distress and You delivered us from our troubles,
leading us by a straight way.
Til we came to an inhabited city.

We give thanks to You for Your compassion,
for Your wonderful works to us human-beings,
for You satisfy the longing soul, and fill the one who hungers.

Those that sit in darkness, in the shadow of death,
bound in affliction and iron, who rebel against Your words,
condemning the council of the most high,
You humbled their hearts with travail, they stumbled and there was none to help.
They cried to You in their trouble and You saved them from their distress.
You brought them from their darkness, from the shadow of death,
breaking their bonds asunder.
Thank you for Your mercy,  for Your compassionate acts.

You shattered the gates of brass and cut the bars of iron,
crazed from their transgressions, afflicted from their iniquities,
all food their soul abhorred. They drew near the gates of death.
They cried to You in their trouble and You saved them from their distress.
You sent Your word and healed them, delivering them from the grave.
Thank you for Your mercy and for Your compassionate acts.

Let them offer sacrifices of thanksgiving and tell of Your deeds through song.

They that go down to the sea in ships, that labor in the depths,
there they see Your works and wonders.
You spoke and raised the stormy wind, which lifted up the waves.
They lifted to the heavens and descended to the depths.
Their souls melted from their troubles, reeled to and fro, staggering like a drunken one.
All their wisdom, swallowed up.
They cried out to You in their trouble, and You brought them out from their distress.
You quieted the storm, and stilled the waves. They were so grateful for the stillness.
You led them to their desired haven.
They gave thanks to You for Your mercy, for Your wonderful acts.

You are exalted in the assembly of peoples, praised in the seat of elders.

You turned a wilderness into a pool of water, a dry land into water springs.
You caused the hungry to dwell there and established an inhabited city.
They sowed fields and planted vineyards, which yielded rich, lush fruits.
You blessed them and they greatly increased, their cattle increasing as well.
You removed the needy from affliction, made the families like flocks.

Whoever is wise, shall observe these things,
shall reflect upon Your mercies.