Psalm 104: How great are Your works!

How vast are You…
Garbed in splendor…wrapped in Light as in a robe…
   drawing forth the heavens as a curtain, placing beams on the upper waters, 
     the clouds, Your chariots.

You walk on the wings of the wind, they, Your messengers...flaming fire, Your ministers.
    You secured the earth on her foundations, that she might never be moved,
       the depths, covering her as a garment.

The waters standing over the mountains fled from Your rebuke, 
   from the voice of Your thunder they hastened away.
The mountains rose, the valleys sunk to the place founded for them,
   You placed a boundary that the waters shall not pass over,
     so as not to return and cover the earth.

The rains send streams into the valleys, they walk among the mountains;
   giving drink to all the creatures of the field, from them the wild asses quench their thirst.
Among the cliffs the birds of heaven dwell, giving voice from tree branches.

From Your upper chambers You bathe the peaks,
    from the fruit of Your works You satisfy the land.
You cause grass to spring up for the cattle, and 
  herbs to serve human-kind that they might bring up bread from the earth,
or bread stays the human heart.
And You give wine to gladden our hearts, making our faces brighter than oil.

Your trees are satisfied, the cedars of Lebanon which You planted, 
   where the birds shape their nests.
The stork makes her home in the fir-tree, the high mountains for the wild goats,
   the rocks, a refuge for the conies.

You made the moon to mark the seasons, the sun knowing it’s going down.
   You made the darkness and it is night, when all the creatures of the forest creep.
The young lions roar after their prey, seeking their food from You. 
   The sun rises and they slink away, couching in their dens.
And then we go forth to work, to labor til the evening.

How great are Your works, Oh God…with wisdom did You make them all.
  The earth teams with Your possessions.
There is the sea, great and wide…. there are the creeping things without number, 
   living creatures, small with the great.
There the ships go, there the Leviathan, with which You created to sport.

All of us wait for You to give us our food in its season.
   You proffer… and we gather it in. You open Your hand… and we're sated with good.
You hide Your face… and we vanish.
   You withdraw Your winds and we perish, turning to dust.
You send forth Your wind and we are created,
   You renew the face of the earth.

May Your glory be forever and may You know joy in Your creations.
   For when You look to land, it trembles, when You touch the mountains, they smoke.

I sing to You with my life…. I sing songs to You while I'm in life….
   for You gladden my spirit..

Praises to You from my soul… I sing You praise.