Psalm 39: I'm but a sojourner

I said to You, “I’ll be mindful of my ways, so I don't sin with my tongue.
  I'll curb my mouth while the wicked are before me."
   And I was dumb with silence. I held my peace and had no comfort.
    My pain, held in check, my heart, hot within me.
      While musing, my fire kindled, and then I spoke.

    "Make known to me my end, and the measure of my days,
       that I might know how short-lived I am.
        For my days are but hand-breaths, my age is as nothing before You."

   What vanity we are, each of us... we but walk an instant.
     We live in turmoil, heaping up riches and not knowing who will gather them.

And now, what am I waiting for?
   My hope is in You.
       Save me from my ways....Hear my prayer, give ear to my cry.
           Please don’t be silent to my tears.

For I'm but a sojourner here on earth... a dweller, as were my ancestors.