Psalm 68: Blessings to You Who carries me

When I lie among the sheepfolds, the wings of the doves are covered with silver,
   her pinions, with the shimmer of gold.

Blessed be You, Who day by day carries me.
   You are my help and my deliverance.

Psalm 71: I've trusted You since my youth

I've taken refuge in You, please don't let me know shame. Deliver me and rescue me.
  Incline Your ear and, save me... be a sheltering rock to me.
    For You are my hope, Whom I’ve trusted since my youth.
      On You I’ve stayed myself since birth, when You took me from my mother's womb.

Don't cast me off as I age.
  At the end of my strength do not forsake me, or be far from me.
    For I will add to Your praise and sing of Your wondrous works.

You Who've made me seen sore troubles and Who has returned my life,
    from the depths of the earth bringing me up again.
You will turn and comfort me,
  I give You thanks with the navel, with songs of soul played on the harp.

Holy One of Israel, my lips rejoice as I sing praises to You.
   I will tell of Your righteousness all the day.

Psalm 113: Blessings to You

I praise You from this time forth and forever...
   from the rising of the sun til it’s going down.