Psalm 34-Who desires life?

At all times will I bless You. Continually will praise be in my mouth.

I sought You, and You answered me,
saving me from all my fears.

Those that look to You shall know radiance,
their faces shall not be abashed.

A poor one called to You and You heard,
and saved them from their troubles.
Your angels camp round those who fill with awe.

Open, and see goodness.
Come, listen to me, and I shall teach you.
You who desires life.

Love your days,
find goodness in them.

Guard your tongue from evil,
your lips from speaking guile.

Turn from evil, do good.
Seek peace, pursue it.

Turn Your eyes to the righteous.
Let Your ears hear their cries.
Deliver them from all their troubles.

For You are close to those with a broken heart.

You hold the souls of all who seek.
And those who take refuge in You
shall not be desolate.

Psalm 37-I hold your hand

Though you fall,
you are not cast down.
For I hold your hand.