Psalm 94: Your loving holds me up

If I say, "My foot slips..." Your loving holds me up.
   When my cares are many... Your comfort eases my soul.

Psalm 103: You reach to us in our frailty

My blessings fly to You... all that is within me gives You praise.
You Who heals and redeems life from deep, hard places, Who wraps all tenderly.
   Who satisfies in old age, renewing our youth; that we might soar, as does the eagle.
     You, filled with graciousness, patience and kindness.

Just as the heavens stretch over the earth, so does Your compassion cover us.
   Just as a parent loves their child, so Your loving shelters us.

    For You know our origins... that we are dust, our days, like grass. 
     As an herb of the field we flower, and as the wind passes through it,
       it is no more.