Night psalms

Psalm 3: Releasing of fears

My fears rise up against me,
saying, 'there's no saving power for you!"

But You, You are a shield all about me.
As You tenderly lift my head, joy rises within me.

I raise my voice and call to You,
and You answer me.

I lie down now to sleep, knowing I will wake,
and that You'll be near.

So I release all the fears that now surround me.

Rise up and save me, You Who reaches out.
Spread blessings
upon Your people.

Psalm 4 -Night comes and You're with me

When I call You, answer me,
just as when I was in a narrow place, and
You set me free.

Show kindness to me now, and hear my prayer.

So many of us long to see goodness in our lives.
Shine Your light upon us.

Just as the joy that wells up
on seeing shimmering crops of corn and wine,
so may our hearts be filled with gladness.

Filled now with peace,
I lay down to go to sleep.

Knowing I am held,
that I am safe,
and You are with me.