Rabbi Vicki Hollander

Resources for the soul

to like-minded travelers
striving to create lives
of integrity, meaning, and beauty,
while emerging as who we truly are.

May this be an oasis for you to which you return for sustenance.

May these resources replenish you,
enable you to shed a little more light into this world.

May these pieces touch you,
ease your heart,
open your soul.

Blessings, goodness, and life to you,


Vicki Hollander

Rabbi Vicki Hollander, a native of Cleveland, Ohio, is currently serving Congregation Shaareth Israel in Lubbock Texas.

Theological Reflections that thread through this work

 Site Credits: My heartfelt gratitude for their talent, expertise, and kindness to:
Shelley Kleinman, Hot Springs Village, AR initial designer of this site, and David Barnett, Lubbock, TX patient coach, for gifting their outstanding expertise and for their hours of work so this could
come so beautifully into life

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Frank Dobrushken,
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Blessings and thanks to you all!

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